Welcome to the results of this weeks art challenge on the theme of Wild Flowers. We knew that this would be a popular theme, however we didn’t realise how much enjoyment you would all gain from this wonderful subject. You have all gone wild over wild flowers!!

We absolutely love the featured image today by Anna Lebiedzka. Anna said…

It is a collage technique of wild flowers. I love combination of red and green colours.

We also love the painting below by Barbara Derecka of a photo we provided of Foxgloves in a hedgerow. Barbara painted it in acrylics – 14 x 10 inches.

Every single wild flower painting, drawing and photograph is absolutely beautiful and all of our students should be very pleased and proud of their results this week.

We have an interesting challenge for you tomorrow, something a little different. Perhaps a little tricky but of something every single one of us look every day at but perhaps take for granted! Intrigued? Stay tuned!!

My painting of wild flowers in acrylics – 14 x 10 inches 
Barbara Derecka
Despite initial problems (see cat picture) we managed to finish a wildflower meadow. Reference pic taken by me at home. I’ll include that too. 🙂
Painted on Pastelmat with Unison and Sennelier soft pastels.
Have a lovely day,
Lydia + Molly
A mouse merrily dancing in a field of wildflowers with a summer strawberry.
Beckie Andrews
Some flowers I saw on a walk in a nature park near where I live but it started to rain!  Trying to capture nature like in  the  “Diary of an Edwardian lady”
Which I love!
Pauline Burke
I managed to get out and sketch outdoors after some time now. I sketched multiple ones and then put them together.
Luiza Varovici
Geranium Sibiricum L. (coloured pencils)
Did you know that Geranium is known for its air-cleaning properties thanks to its antibacterial phytoncides? Originating from Africa, spreading to other continents from XVII century, now this wild flower can be found even in Siberia!
Mila Zinzen
Beautiful vibrant red poppies, they give such a lovely splash of colour,
also great and meaningful symbolism.
Angela Burt
Wild flowers: a wonderful week-end challenge and so relaxing!
Rose-Marie Biehlig
I’ve attached a water colour painting of Cow Parsley, we found some on a walk today, the sprays of wild flowers were an after thought!
Melissa De-Vall 
First attempt at wild flowers in pen and ink.
Suzanne Prytherch
Khadiga Kadry
Watercolor 10.5”-14” Drawing by my own photo that I took
when I visited one of mountain camp.
Maria Ei Zar
wild flowers, I took this photo on our walk in countryside, it’s something special when red poppies bloom!
Elena Statham
This one was drawn recently in coloured pencils, A2 in size . The squirrel is my garden visitor, the wild flowers were from my own photos locally.
Julie Hollinshead
Wildflowers taking over the city.
Helen Jaeger
Garden goodies
Josefine Georgine
Weekend challenge – wild flowers. My sketchbook from a day on the Norfolk Broads.
Lindsay Napier
Painting rocks today with my granddaughter with wildflowers
Denice Dancer
For remembrance day, our bridge club has a minute’s silence to remember all our friends who have passed away during the previous year…
Audrey Quinton
I done the initial drawing in pen and ink, and then decided to add colour with pencils.
Ian Dance
From a very rare botanical book…. possibly
Helen Jaeger
Digital painting wild flowers
Magdalena Anna Piwowarczyk
Fresh young teasels line our local towpath, wooing the water and striking a sculptural pose. Wildflowers.
Julie Smalley
Weekend art challenge – some foxgloves roughly based on a pic I took on a day out in the Chilterns.
Theresa Howarth
It’s very dry where I live so my flowers look droopy. They are in water now. I used colored pencils.
Chelsi Nicole
I’ve drawn a scarlet pimpernel using coloured pencils.
Nina Phillips
I know it’s not technically a wild flower but it will be once Simone has finished with it.
And she is environmentally conscious – this is her contribution to flower arranging, combined with planet saving.
Audrey Quinton
My attempt at wild flowers.
Lynne Bagnall
Krachiao. A native wild flower found in NE Thailand.
I live in the province of Bangkok so I haven’t personally seen this particular one.
Patrica Clarke
Weekend challenge: Wildflowers
Khadiga Kadry
I did two this weekend, always good to have a dull day to be able to concentrate on art!
Above – Jug of mixed wild flowers, pen and watercolour
Below – Meadow flowers – watercolour
Dinah Barker
Dinah Barker
Cornflowers in Watercolour inspired by the ones I have growing on my balcony!!!
Liz Browne
Go wild, for a while……
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Wild flowers in the rain
Dóra Birgis
First attempt at flowers, very interesting to draw.
Ian Dance
Here is my interpretation of wild flowers – as a part of the traditional Finnish countryside.
Nice to do something after a long pause.
Tiina Meurman
This is a quick watercolour painting of flowers found around the fields.
Anesha Marshall
Forget me “drops” Derwent procolour on Strathmore Bristol smooth
Diane Field
Here is my weekend challenge drawing from my imagination in color pencil.
Chris Rye
Watercolour pencils with no water!
Emma Miller
Hello all, this is my watercolor painting for the weekend challenge ‘Wild Flowers’. I found this plant near my home and clicked the photograph some time back. Later i did this watercolor painting. Thanks.
Thakur Balbeer Singh
Gouache, semi abstract flowers for the weekend challenge
Jackie Groves
Kirstie Baker
Found one of my old works, it’s supposed to be first page of a book about how big the baby is, from conception to an actual birth size, I started when I was pregnant so far 2,5 years still working on it but it’s totally reminded me of weekend challenge and poppies one of my favourite flowers
Elena Statham
For Wildflowers Challenge. I’ve made these paintings a while ago for a special reason. I donated them to the hospice where my mother was cared for… I wanted to give patients a chance, probably the last one for some, to see flowers in a wild and to brighten those long sleepless early morning hours… Meadow flowers at dawn & Wild poppy fields, oil on canvas.
Iryna Labunska
Collage technique of wild flowers. I love combination of red and green colours.
Anna Lebiedzka

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