Welcome to our weekend art challenge all about fairies! We are absolutely delighted with the results of the art challenge this week.

Our students have created a wonderful array of artwork, including an incredible lino cut and print from student Lydia below.

Our featured image this week is by Rose-Marie and is a stunning watercolour with a beautiful poem hand written. Rose-Marie wrote the following to go along side her illustration.

I found my inspiration in a very cute and very very old game of cards “Fairies and trolls” that belongs to our family.


Student Luiza Varovici found a great resource for fairy and forest fantasy creatures. Hop over to https://www.thepicsees.com to find out more!

We are certain that you will enjoy all of the beautiful pieces of artwork below and would like to thank all of our students for taking part. If you would like to join in our next challenge, visit our blog tomorrow to find out the theme and what it all entails!

On the FB page I read that the new art challenge is about fairies. I was thinking of doing a print for one of my next assignments, so this came in handy for practice. It’s Schmincke lino ink on illustration paper. The largest is colored in with QOR high chroma watercolors.
These two little Monsters would like to take part in the weekend challenge ” fairies”.
Viola Oesterlin

Contrary to popular belief, fairies are not delicate, fragile creatures 😉
Barbara Schunk
White pen on cardboard, a fairy sketch and a petal porcelain fairy model, and then finished in watercolour
I am a fan of all fairy artwork and have plates and books with Cicely M Barker flower fairies.  I love the photos too on the blog showing different fairy themes!  I have attached “Twilight faires sprinkling fairy dust” this is in watercolour pencil and silver gel pen, and of course glitter!
Pauline Burke
A huge thank you for this week’s challenge! I was meant to draw fairies, but..These are based on myth and folklore and Anna Egorova’s representations. I find them looking more like insects than humans, and they hang around with the pollinators making sure the wild flowers will make fruit.
Luiza Varovici 
Tiina Meurman
My blue fairy … Chinese painting on paper ..
Alexandria L. Prietama
It reminded me of my childhood – I loved my Cicely Mary Barker book.
I chose the Rose fairy because my gorgeous god mother sent me a pale pink rose plant for my birthday during lockdown. I started off with a pencil sketch but then decided to add watercolour. I hope you like them !
Sue McAuley
My daughter just joined the children’s course and she wanted to join the weekend challenge fairies 🧚‍♀️ this is Habiba‘s drawing.
Khadiga & Habiba Kadry
Here is my contribution to the Weekend Challenge. Both are digital drawings.
Lill Brodersen
Lill Brodersen
This was for an Inktober prompt last year
CJ Wright
Late entry for the weekend challenge…how about a dog fairy?
Theresa Haworth
Helen Jaeger
Tried to create a fairy painting after a very long time.
Lavina Gonsalves
Cheating – Did this a few months ago
Denise Dancer
Magical little fairy
Ada Toth
A thought- more fairies
Denise Dancer
Oh my goodness, managed to spot one. Yesterday’s walk in the woods was worth it. (I wish.) Definitely inspired by that old urge to find a fairy, by any means.
Julie Smalley
For the weekend challenge “Fairy”
Thakur Balbeer Singh
Had already completed this before the challenge. A little fairy portrait in ink and pencil.
Rachel Pesterfield
Lynne Bagnall
Fairy I used my son as model for this cute Fairy. Procreate on iPad
Elena Statham
‘Fairies, fairies, everywhere’. My digital creation.
Chris Rye
Detail of the image above
Chris Rye
Not a very pretty fairy. But never mind. Did her in water colour on Bamboo paper.
Sarah Louise Amit
Minding the baby till mum comes home !! Think the fairy lost his key !! A new for me pen and colour pencils.
Gwen Reavley
Little Sketch for the Weekend Challenge
Jessica Böck
Weekend Challenge? Give fairies a bit more oomph and power… (If anyone is thinking she suddenly looks a bit different, it’s because I added a background and a bit of ‘flare’!)
Audrey Quinton
Inga Berkensträter
Here is my magical, glamour fairy. I’ve drawn her and used watercolour & skin tone pencils, a pretty piece of card to compliment the colours used. And I’ve added some pretty stickers to finish it off.
Nina Phillips
Garden fairy she makes sure the flowers grow with her magical fairy dust.
Khadiga Kadry
This is my contribution to the weekend fairy challenge
Charlotte Draper
Doubled this with a daily prompt group I follow. There’s was ‘lines from a poem’
This is one of my characters Sister bear. She’s looking very pretty today, isn’t she?
Patricia Clarke
Waiting for a fairy to bring the magic potion for the virus..
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Helen Jaeger
Fairies. ‘Fairyland’ perhaps?! This is a pen and ink drawing I did a while ago, not at all something I’d normally draw.
Suzanne Prytherch
I found my inspiration in a very cute and very very old game of cards “Fairies and trolls” that belongs to our family.

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