Welcome to our Autumn leaves artwork challenge – and what a popular subject this one was! We have received so many amazing paintings of leaves, they are all simply stunning! It’s the right time of year for leaf drawing and painting thats for sure. Autumn is definitely upon us here in the UK with gloomy rain. So I really hope that the beautiful warm colours of the leaves below helps put a smile on everyones faces!

The creativity students have combined with the leaf challenge is wonderful too. We love the ink leaf drawn on crumpled brown paper by Sheila Brown – what a clever idea that was. Huzete has also created a scene with two leaves which is the first image below. Photo’s of the leaves are above the painting with an ink drawing behind. Read Huzete’s message below the artwork as it explains it all beautifully.

Dinah Barkers leaves are also fantastic, painted in watercolour too are really lovely using bright cheery colours. I think watercolour is a very popular medium for this kind of challenge, if you scroll down you can see quite a few students chose to use this medium. Each leaf study has been handled beautifully well with fresh and crisp colours. Well done to you all. Watercolour does handle the textures of the leaves well.

Coloured pencil is also a good medium and both Pauline Burke and Rachel Oldridge have created stunning colour studies of the leaves using this medium.

All of the paintings below are absolutely fantastic and even though not all students have been mentioned, we are delighted with them! You should be very pleased with them too and we hope it has inspired those who havent yet had a go at the weekend challenges! What are you waiting for! Join us on our Facebook Group or you can email them to us direct at any time.

Beijing in autumn is not only a season but much more like old Peiking full with stories. I drew two pieces of yellow leaves in watercolour  combined with ink old style Peiking couple behind. One  leaf is deep cold gray, one leaf is golden yellow. As autumn in Beijing is late this year, the weather is still warm, most of the trees are still green.
Liquidambar leaves, Watercolour
Dinah Barker
Priscilla Hocking‎
Coloured Pencils
Rachel Oldridge‎
Here are my autumn leaves painted in Watercolour.
Vera Jaouadi
Fallen leaves in watercolour
Shelia Brown
An autumn leaf…
Clifford Herbert
Five leaves lifted from the lawn. Some coloured pencils and fine liners. A fresh squint at what Nature really looks like. And there you have it. This is why I really enjoy the Weekend Art Challenges.
Julie Smalley
Audrey Quentin
Good theme this week so hard to choose which leaves though so many colours !
Pauline Burke
A dried autumn leaf, drawn on brown crumpled paper, for effect. 
Shelia Brown
Autumn leaves weekend challenge… the crunchy leaves underfoot are salt crystals.
Audrey Quentin
 Watercolour of autumn leaves
Cari Aplin
Audrey Quentin

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