This weekends challenge was to draw or paint an apple with a bite out of it. It is not the easiest of challenges as you not only have to portray the soft and shiny skin of the apple, but also the matte texture of the inner area too. With all of the undulations of the inside where it was bitten can be really difficult to portray.

We have some lovely paintings and drawings below created in pastels and coloured pencils. These mediums lend themselves well to creating still life drawings, especially pastel where you can blend the colours to help create shiny areas. Just like Mila has below in her stunning pastel piece ‘Red Apple on Red’.

Pauline has opted to portray not just a bitten apple but two full apples to go along side – wonderful! The texture of them really feels very realistic and apple like!

Finally Khadiga Kadry has created a lovely drawing of her apple and we can almost see the teeth outline in the bite too! Excellent work from all of you – extremely well done!

Stay tuned for the next exciting challenge on its way tomorrow!

“Red Apple on Red” 26 x 30cm Pastels
It was really enjoyable to draw such a delicious apple from your beautiful picture. Although I used red paper – it took me some time to build up the colour of the apple so it looked
 delicious too. The most challenging part was the bite, indeed! And it feels so satisfying to see the drawing now complete!
Mila Zinzen
Pauline Burke
Coloured Pencil Apple
Khadiga Kadry

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