Welcome to another very popular weekend challenge – Seascapes! We have received an amazing number of paintings this week and we hope you enjoy viewing them all. We have added all of the paintings and drawings below with students names underneath, along with text about each piece if provided.

Students have created some incredible and very atmospheric paintings and we just can’t pick out favourite – they are all simply stunning!

A shout out to Denise Dancer who’s artwork is in the gallery below. Student Julie Smalley said to Denise – “Kudos! You have managed to combine the two Weekend Challenges. Now that IS clever.” (last weekend was our dog painting challenge) Well done Denise – dog in a seascape receives top marks from us!

We hope that all of our students enjoyed participating in our weekend challenge and we look forward to seeing everyones artwork for the next challenge – published here tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Seascape done in Procreate using the ‘oils’ brush. Started this in February and decided it was time to finish it, thanks to the weekend challenge.
Louise Dexter
This painting is special to me. Took it as a challenge, not to use any digital tools for drawing tablet or mouse or even software like Photoshop. This is a Touch screen painting using a basic Paint app of Windows. My fingers were the brushes and I completed in 1 1/2 hours, using spray paint and crayon brushes. I could not get very sharp details with this app, but I have managed to paint using the reference photo in the blog post.
Gayathri G
A surfer on Killiney beach Dublin. I tried to capture the surf on the Irish sea! 
Pauline Burke
Seascape in water colour which is not my best medium!!
Gwen Reavley
Weekend Challenge – Seascape 
Kirstie Baker
Maria Ei Zar
This is my painting for seascape, it is of one of our beaches named Moulin Huet
The beach is famous for 17 paintings created by Renoir on a months visit he made to the island (Guernsey) in 1883. He painted in his impressionist style which he called sketch painting. So this is my first effort in Impressionism
Sheila Brown
Experiment with a set of brush pens.
Julie Smalley
My first real attempt at a wave crashing on rocks in watercolour!
Avril Walker
Up to my eyes starting the Digital Illustration course, getting to know my new Wacom and getting ready to go to Spain for the next 3 months – so this is an old one – where we’re heading – Javea.
Audrey Quinton
Abstract Seascape in acrylics for the weekend challenge!
Jackie Groves
Seascape, Isle of Harris. Oil on canvas.
Dinah Barker
Here’s a seascape I did towards my landscape diploma unit two. 
Rachel Bedford
Seascape – oil on canvas board
Eileen Maspero
Jan Underdown
Back to my old impressionistic style in oils.
Jill Allsopp
Denise Dancer!
Sally Wilson
I recently started the Illustration course, so this is my first time posting. We had a houseful this weekend, so this is a seascape I did last year in watercolor. I hope to have more time this weekend to put into the next challenge!
Connie Hohman Berry
Fenella Humphreys‎
Watercolour on Saunders Waterford and half Imperial in size – approx 50 x 30 cm and based on a sketch I made. It looks due east along the Thames towards the North sea.
Clifford Herbert
My seascape. Oil painting
Mariana GP

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