Welcome to our weekend challenge all about Dogs. The challenge was set to either draw or paint my own dog Lily, your dog or a dog of your choice. We have been inundated with paintings and drawings so I have chosen one piece form each artist to display. This was a very popular challenge and we all must have a soft spot for our 4 legged friends!

There are too many people here to mention by name so I will leave you to view the amazing artwork and read about the artist and images underneath each piece. I have added the portraits of Lily at the top of the page – well done to these students who all caught Lily’s character beautifully!!

Shamina also posted on the facebook page which we thought was fantastic and wanted to add it here too….

I’m blown away by all the doggy pics for this weekend’s challenge! All my art supplies are in storage for a few months so I can’t join in for a while but my doodles couldn’t hold a candle to what you guys are sharing! Bravo!!

Shamina Chowdry
Not sure who this looks most like… Lily or Chewbacca.
Lynette Dobson
Sending a painting of your dog Lily. I drew with the reference sent by you. It’s my first fur painting and I hope it has come out well!
Here is my entry of your Lovely Lily,
I painted her in pastel on velour paper, I do hope I have caught the likeness for you. 
Sheila Brown
As pets are such good therapy I thought I would draw a colouring in page, Lily as the subject of art therapy in flower power colours complete with a daisy in her hair!
Pauline Burke
Audrey Quinton
Dogs weekend challenge.. A nice opportunity to finish old unfinished work instead of doing my homework!!
Aleksandr Petrunin
I just enrolled one week ago in illustration course. This is my first weekend challenge and even produced before my fist assignment. A hand sketch with brush pen and digital coloring.
Yun-Ting Hsieh‎
One more quick piece of work I did for the blog, having Jack Russells here with me. 
The background was drawn with Lyra Aquacolor wax crayons, the dog itself made with pieces of printed-off photos of trees that have white, pale and dark bark, like birch and sycamore . A dog collage made with … bark! 
Alex Scholfield
Sunday morning JRT while I wait for oils to dry – not my forte coloured pencils!
Jill Allsopp
Another Lily!
Denise Dancer
Mike Masson
My dog Jason in pastel pencils.
Karen Chirnside 
My dear Hector in watercolor!
Fabiana Ribeiro
I purchased the Pet Portraits course but haven’t yet submitted assignments. This is my submission for the weekend challenge. I’d like to greatly improve and therefore I am looking forward to starting the course as soon as I can. 
Kristan Hite
Weekend challenge – Hattie
Dinah Barker‎
My Jack Russell x Westie Terrier
Dinah Barker‎
Anusooya Devi Ra
Bokkie my friends chihuahua. Black pen done on a plane journey between Spain and Italy. 
Louise Dexter 
Dogs weekend challenge… That’s right up my street. Lol
Here’s a portrait of a lovely labradoodle called Jim that I painted a few weeks ago. This in in acrylics on paper, 12″ x 16″.
Dylan F Jeskye
Sophie Bliss Kilpatrick
Maria Ei Zar
Kerry Blues
Amy Curran
“Marta” I haven’t unpacked my oils yet following a move abroad, but this is one of my favourites from prior to my move.
Gill Barratt‎
Doggy weekend challenge you say? Here you go…… coloured pencil drawing. Found my work really improved after doing the coloured pencil course!
Jules Hollinshead‎
This was done on watercolour paper. It was supposed to be for a friend but in all honesty I didn’t quite hit the spot so I’m doing it again.
Avril Walker‎
Not very happy with the eyes but I did it on the plane!
Katherine Black
Watercolour and gouache
Jackie Groves
Monty is a Belgian Shepherd Tervuren and is a very beautiful boy.
Sue Lambert
Coloured Pencils – Walaa Al-jafari‎
Just loved the dog challenge as it made me finish this lovely puppy which had been on my easel for a few weeks!!
Gwen Reavley
He’s only half-dog trying to teach myself some creature/character design for my 5th assignment and this idea popped into my head!
Theresa Haworth‎
Dogs have been my passion and subject matter for paintings for many years.  I use dogs from rescue shelters and donate the paintings to those interested in adopting.   “Rescue” is my favourite breed of dog.
Keith Waters

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