Welcome to our latest weekend challenge. We asked our students to create a copy or their own version of their favourite piece of artwork. We have received a stunning selection of artwork submitted by our wonderful students.

If you view the paintings and drawings below and find that you aren’t familiar with any of the pieces, we encourage you to research them! A passion for art history, to see what artwork came before us can be so inspirational. Loose yourself for an hour or two and enjoy viewing the paintings and drawings and finding out about the original artists work too!

Stay tuned for another challenge – and a competition too!

This is a drawing of Leonardo da Vinci. Study for the head of Leda. c. 1505-1507. I have tried this in pencil for the Weekend challenge. The source image is not very clear. Tried my style for finishing details.
Gaythri Mira
Weekend challenge. I love this Cezanne watercolour, the colours are beautifully clean and delicate.
Dinah Barker
Van Gogh Love love love him!  The Starry Night in watercolour.
Jackie Groves
After etchings of Anne Claude Philippe de Tubières (1742). I decide to mix 2 etchings and to make some additional background – to make more interaction between main figures. It was lovely and very interesting.
Aleksandr Petrunin
My attempt at creating an erte pic. Done in ink and pen in the style of zentangle. Called The Balcony.
Karen Dishman
The immortal Jan van Eyck and a copy of his stylish 1433 portrait, in fashionable turban.
Julie Smalley
I have always been inspired by Kandinsky. I love his use of colour. 
I enjoyed working with pen and pastel on this piece as haven’t done so for a while.
Kirstie Baker
My favorite artists are Turner and Van Gogh.  This painting by Turner was the subject of the first painting I ever attempted, 47 years ago.  I realized late last night as I was trying to finish that creating a “copy” was an exercise in futility due to this master’s talent and the delicate nuances he was able to achieve. The tug boat needs more work which I will do soon.
Keith Waters
Van Gogh’s Sunflowers has mesmerised me for years. I love the painting but don’t know why, I just know it makes me feel calm. I had a go at recreating it in my own way.
Leanne Hurrell
I don’t have a number one favourite artist, but Picasso is surely in my top five! I copied this painting (The Lesson) because, although it is said to depict a girl being taught by her tutor, it reminds me of my children who both STILL love reading despite two gruelling A Level years sat heads down in what seems to have been hundreds of books! Why do I admire Picasso? He painted a diary, and allowed us all to read it, warts and all!
Julie Wardrop
I have tried to copy one of my favourite artists Beatrix Potter. I love drawing and I am inspired by her attention to detail and delicate colours, I just love the characters she portray’s.  I got to see her cottage in the lake district and the beautiful scenery that inspired her! It was amazing to see some of her actual drawings on display too. The characters are from the tales of Tom Kitten!
Pauline Burke
I have chosen to paint “Head of a young Woman” by Degas, described by the critics as his most intense portrait. I have just registered to do the portrait course with Alan Dedman and felt this challenge would be good practice, I realise I have a long way to go!! 
Sheila Brown 
I tried recreating Raja Ravi Varma’s famous drawing “The Village Girl”. I chose this picture because it shows our Indian culture and tradition. I enjoyed doing it entirely with black markers.
Latha Prabakar
This is a drawing of a Miró sculpture that was in a park near my apartment in Paris. I loved having such a quirky piece of art so close to where I lived and I’d sit and look at the curves and reflections while my children played in the park. I miss Paris a lot and this is a lovely reminder of all the wonderful times I had there.
Shamina Chowdhury

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