We have received some amazing artwork this week for our weekend challenge. We set students the task of creating a painting only using three colours and the variations. As you can see from the paintings below, the results are amazing. Each painting is very different from the next.

Katherine Peverelle’s Beagle, Misty was painted in watercolour using ochre, burnt umber, light red and Payne’s grey. 

Pauline Burke used the 3 primary colours, red  blue and yellow for her pastel  birds. Sheila Brown showed her hydrangea painted in three colours, cadmium yellow light, and ultramarine and tipped the flowers with viridian crimson. A very effective finish!

With such a glorious weather this week in London, Malgosia Kozicka couldn’t think about anything else but the colours blue, green, yellow and white. What a perfect summerly painting!

Shamina Chowdhury‎ used her limited palette painting black, white and yellow on her pears and plate painting. We feel this is an absolutely stunning still life and Shamina should be thrilled and delighted with the results!

Last but not least…Annie Hemsley and her beautiful watercolour boat painted in Ultramarine Blue, yellow ochre and cadmium red.

I think all students who completed the challenge should get a round of applause! Well done everyone!

Shamina Chowdhury‎
Shelia Brown
Katherine Peverelle
Malgosia Kozicka
Pauline Burke
Annie Hemsley

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