Good news everyone, Lesley Ryan, one of my students based in Australia has just completed the Drawing & Painting Diploma Course with flying colours, passing with a Distinction! Lesley proved to be a naturally gifted artist with an enquiring and creative mind.

Combining this with her strong work ethic, she produced some diverse, creative and inspiring work. Congratulations once again Lesley, it has been a real pleasure tutoring you and we wish you every success as you continue your artistic journey for the future!

Paul Weaver
Drawing & Painting Diploma Course Tutor

Lesley said;

I was looking for a good traditional grounding for my artistic education. I wanted to learn how to draw and to learn the basics of colour, composition and perspective.

I wanted to discover different mediums to work in and the opportunity to experiment and expand my artistic practice. I had searched for quite a while for a course that wasn’t expensive and had some gravitas. I found it in the London College of Art, Diploma of Painting and Drawing.

Paul Weaver was an exceptional tutor, his feedback was always timely and constructive and I feel my work improved a great deal under his tutelage. I didn’t find the course onerous and not having fixed time frames to complete works meant I could fit it in with my other obligations. The course exceeded my expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed participating.

Lesley Ryan

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