Illustrating Children’s Books – Deepthi Horagoda Post Two

Second in a feature of two posts by Deepthi Horagoda. The first post can be found here – Illustrating Children’s Books The brief titled ‘Row, row, row your boat’ for the illustrating children’s books course that I am currently taking, was also a challenging assignment. It is an open brief, leaving us to come up with Continue Reading

Illustrating Children’s Books – Deepthi Horagoda Post One

We have two most wonderful blog posts by student Deepthi Horagoda for today and tomorrow. Deepthi is studying with Maggy on the Illustrating Children’s Books Online Art Diploma Course. This is the first instalment…. I found the first set of exercises and brief of the Illustrating Children’s Books course both fun and challenging. Although I had Continue Reading

Pet Portrait Online Art Course – Mel Newing

We have received a wonderful email from student Mel Newing who is currently studying with tutor Gayle Mason on the Pet Portrait Online Art Course Mel said … “I’ve just submitted my first assignment into Gayle for the Pet Portrait course which I recently signed up for.  I’ve been drawing since 2012 teaching myself along the Continue Reading

Post by Shevaun Doherty – Botanical Drawing Course

I have a really promising student, Hilde Orye, whose work for assignment 1 (line drawings) is superb. I am impressed with how she has managed to convey the sense of space within her work, by simply adjusting the weight of her lines. This is a great example of what I am looking for in Assignment 1 and hope that this blog post Continue Reading

Cartooning Online Art Course – Rosalyn Van Loock

My name is Rosalyn Van Loock. While studying under John Byrne over the past year on the Cartooning Online Art Course, I simultaneously produced a book which is 50% Illustrations. I am really excited as it has just been accepted for publication. All proceeds will go to charities that support people with independent living in the Continue Reading

Pet Portraits Online Art Course

Student Valerie Nicola  is currently working though our Pet Portraits Online Art Course and these are her latest two portraits for submission. We love the horse painting with the green coloured background, the colours really set off the the horse beautifully. Valerie has taken time over working out how to paint the tack which can be quite Continue Reading

Landscape Online Art Course – Jackie Davies

Jackie Davies has created two beautiful paintings for the Landscape Online Art Course which you can see below. Jackie also completed our  Illustrating Children’s Online Art Course too. Jackie has been painting for about 10 years and has even run some local mixed media art courses near to her home town of Swansea, UK.   Jackie said… I Continue Reading

Illustrating Children’s Books Online Art Course – Michelle Thomas

Michelle Thomas is currently studying with Maggy Roberts on the Illustrating Children’s Books Online Art Course. The first piece of artwork which you can see below is wonderfully designed. Michelle has created a double page spread for a Children’s book about a cat floating down the stream. Is the cat really dreaming though?! We have added Continue Reading

Coloured Pencil Course – Alison Huges

Alison Huges studied on our Coloured Pencil Online Art Course and created this lovely still life piece using coloured pencils. We love Alison’s attention to detail throughout the piece. The deep vibrant colour of the background and the green colours of the jewellery bag stand off beautifully from the red background. We can see that Alison has Continue Reading

Botanical Painting Online Art Course – Veranika Andreyeva

Student Veranika Andreyeva has just completed our Botanical Painting Online Art Course this week. Veranika received the highest grade, which is a Diploma and passed with flying colours. She will be receiving her certificate very soon. The London Art College would like to send their congratulations to Veranika on completion of her course. The college acknowledges all of her hard Continue Reading