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We asked Jan if she would email us some of her pieces of artwork for the college website and blog and she very kindly send us three lovely pieces of work below. We are so pleased that Jan has developed her artwork while working on the Painting and Drawing Diploma and that she also enjoyed working with Paul Weaver too!


I am doing the Painting and Drawing Diploma Course under Paul Weaver. I have had some absolutely amazing feedback from him, up until now! I have just submitted my last work for the end of the course. I have learnt a lot on the course and I feel my work has changed for the better because of it. I am hoping to go on and do another one, maybe the coloured pencil botanical but I need to save up. I attach a couple of pieces from my course and hope you like them.

They are:-
Sunflowers, in oil. This was my first every oil painting.
Frodo, in oil. My second every oil painting!
My normal and more comfortable place is in watercolour and I attach some flowers done in that medium. I have to say though that oils has certainly grown on me.

I am looking forward to hearing my last set of feedback from Paul and will be disappointed to finish the course. He has been an excellent teacher and I wish I could take him with me onto the next course. Here is hoping for a good mark too!

Jan Knight.

drawing and painting diploma course (3)

drawing and painting diploma course (2)

drawing and painting diploma course (1)

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