Draw-In Symposium

My name is Julie Douglas and I am a professional artist and tutor and I teach for the London Art College running their Coloured Pencil Course.

Last summer, I attended a workshop at the grand Central Academy, New York. As a teacher it is very important to recharge the batteries, not only by continuing personal painting practice, but also by pushing the creative boundaries, jumping in at the deep end and working to continue learning. Attending the GCA meant putting myself on the line – and working very hard. I met some amazing and interesting people, all of whom were open and willing to share their experiences, passing on their knowledge with generosity and modesty.

I began asking if any of them would be interested in coming to the British Isles to teach. They were so enthusiastic that I had to STOP asking, for they all wanted to come! So, time for me to make my vision a reality…! I am so delighted to tell you that later in the summer 2014 I am hosting a symposium to celebrate (and teach) drawing – a weekend of talks, demonstrations and workshops, with some amazing artists from round the world, including, among others, award winning illustrator PJ Lynch, Paul Foxton, a painter who writes a wonderful educational art blog, and Colleen Barry from New York who has been described as one of the greatest painters today.

I met some of Colleen’s students when I was in New York and their faces lit up at the mention of her name – she is a much loved teacher. The event is for everyone, from beginner to experienced artists. All the artists participating are gifted teachers, this will be a learning experience of a lifetime and I feel honoured and excited to be hosting it. I will also be teaching a figure drawing workshop as part of the weekend.

For your interest, please take a look and consider coming. I wish there had been something like this when I started my learning journey. Such a variety of artists, together at one time, is rare indeed. As a professional artist, I think it is good for students to know that most artists don’t have the opportunity of making contact with people who admire their work. If artists sell in galleries, they often don’t meet anyone apart from the galley owner. If you, as a student, are interested in meeting like minded people, I urge you to come and join in. It will be lighthearted while you work, you will learn LOTS, and make many new friends.


Julie Douglas

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