Something to shout about…..

Just received this memo, perhaps some of our students who are studying on the Illustrating Children’s books course might be interested! Let us know if you attend.

Some of your students may be interested in this, Anglia Ruskin Uni run Children’s book illustration courses and as well as their summer school they also hold a one day conference….. which is much more affordable! It’s on 3rd August is £80

Details at – ‘Something to Shout About

Another..another Illustrate It Entry :)

Sarah Lister is currently studying with Maggy on the Illustrating Children’s book Diploma course and she has emailed us her entry for the ‘Illustrate it’ competition. The judges are definitely going to have a hard time choosing the winner and we wish everyone the best of luck!
My name is Sarah Lister and I have recently entered a competition called illustrate it 2013. For the competition you had to illustrate a double page spread of a book titled “The Lucky book”, about a boy who receives a book for his birthday which he believes brings him luck all day at school.I loved the story and I thought it would be a great opportunity to get to illustrate my very first book if I won!. It really would be a dream come true for me! So here is my entry. I imagined the boy named Stanley to be a scruffy boy with curly hair and glasses. And my idea was to have a mouse featuring through the book as a pupil at the school, and it being his fault that the fire alarm went off in science class, due to catching his tail on fire on a bunsen burner.! (On the next page he would have a little bandage on his tail) I like the idea of children trying to spot the snail and mouse on each page.

My style is detailed, with lots of things going on for children to look at and I like it to be funny with lots of bright colours. My work is hand painted with pen and ink and watercolour.

I am so passionate about children’s illustrations and would just love to illustrate this fantastic book.The top three are voted for by the public, so if you like my entry please vote for me! I need every vote I can get. It only takes a minute to click on this link and vote. You have to enter your email address, and then you will receive an email which you need to click on to confirm your vote. Voting ends on the 30th July.

Thank you so much!
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Another illustrate It entry…..

Lucy, studying on the Illustrating Children’s book course, has also entered the Illustrate It competition and you can see her entry below along with a detail of her beautiful illustration. We wish Lucy all the best with the competition!


Hi everyone

I have also entered the Illustrate 2013 competition. I felt that it would be good experience for me to try illustrating a double page spread for an actual story. I enjoyed the challenge and have learnt a lot from it. It gave me an insight into what it would be like to illustrate for a children’s book as this is what I would love to do. If I got the chance to illustrate the whole book that would be great but I feel I have benefited even if I don’t win.

If you like my illustration please vote for me here many thanks if you do!




Sink City – Assignment 2 Childrens Book illustration Diploma

I asked Jon, a student who is currently studying with Maggy Roberts on the Illustrating children’s books, if he would write about his sink city painting for the blog. I was very interested to hear how he created the piece using both traditional and digital media. Jon has written about it below and we hope you enjoy it!


Sink City – Assignment 2 Children’s Book illustration Diploma

My entry for assignment 2 took about 3 months to finally complete as Sink City kept getting knocked down and rebuilt. I knew I wanted to do something detailed but finding the right approach was what eluded me for sometime until I basically took everything I had doodled, scanned it all into Photoshop then played around with it till I had a few compositions that i liked. I chose one, printed it out at A2 then using a lightbox redrew all the buildings to the right scale with pen and ink. Then I scanned that A2 drawing in (in 4 sections) got them all lined up in Photoshop to make a new A2 document then chopped everything up and rearranged it till I had what I was after. I later drew some extra people, a plane and other bits and pieces to add to the mix until I had a finished ink drawing ready to be coloured.

I had originally wanted to do a traditional line and wash drawing for this project but it got so big and detailed I didn’t feel like I could do it justice with watercolour, not to mention having to redo the ink drawing if I fudged it up (time is not something I have a lot of at the moment!) so I opted for digital colouring

I find its always a good idea to have an idea of what you want to achieve in Photoshop otherwise you can end up meandering down different avenues trying various techniques and variations and ultimately not getting anywhere which is, needless to say, what happened to me.

I found it hard to get the colours right as it needed to clearly show the line but also split the different elements up so they can be clearly read. In the end I went for a basic brown/orange for the background and bright colours for the figures to make them pop out. I think it works but looking at it now I still want to change bits and pieces…but assignment three is pulling at my sleeve trying to get my attention so I best go.

Thanks for reading this, its been an honour and a pleasure to be asked to write about it for the Course Blog


Jons Preparatory studies. So important when collating and composing any kind of painting or illustration.


The full final illustration.



A detail of the illustration.

illustrate-it competition

Kasia Gudacz emailed to ask if we would add her entry to the illustrate-it competition. We were more than happy to! Kasia has written about her entry below and we wish her the best of luck in the competition. If any of our other students are entering, drop us a line and let us know!


Hello everyone

I am currently studying Illustrating Children’s Book course and I have entered a competition for children’s book illustrators. It has been organised by the book author and the main prize is to illustrate his book, which would simply be my dream!

The illustration has been hand-painted with gouache paint and finished with black line. I chose this kind of paint as I love playing with bright, bold colours! I also thought this would be suitable for the target audience (3-7 year olds). In order to engage children and their parents, I chose simplicity, lots of colour and detail, and facial expression of the main character, Stanley. Having followed the brief, I have also included the orange Lucky Book in each picture.

In the first instance all entries go to an online public vote, and then the judging panel will choose the winner from 3 finalists with the highest number of votes. That’s why, if you like my illustration, I would be really grateful for your vote! Every single vote counts!

It takes about 1 minute, all you have to do it to go to this link enter your email address and click ‘vote’. You will be sent a message (which often goes to Spam/Junk) in which you need to click on the link to confirm your vote. Otherwise it won’t be valid. I have attached my pic below.

Thank you very much for your help.

Kasia Gudacz
Illustrating Children’s Books


The Construction Industry Council competition

We have received an email from the The Construction Industry Council letting us know about a competition they are holding for photographers. if you enter and are successful let us know! As usual the college is not affiliated with this company and cannot be held responsible if any issues arise if our students enter.


Our company (The Construction Industry Council) are in the process of running a photography competition to celebrate our 25 Anniversary which will be focused on the built environment.

The competition is split into three categories:

1. The changing face of construction: building the past 25 years

2. Visualising the future: what will UK 2050 look like?

3. Diversity in construction: aspirations of a generation

The overall winner will receive a cash prize of £500 and two runners -up will each receive £250.

For further details on how to enter and terms and conditions click here

Tamara Dale Marketing & Communications Executive

Construction Industry Council            T +44(0)20 7399 7405
26 Store Street                                  F +44(0)20 7399 7425
London WC1E 7BT                            E
United Kingdom                           

Graphic Design Students Artwork

This piece of artwork has been waiting in my inbox for a while to blog and so at last here it is! The student gained a distinction for passing her Graphic Design Art Diploma with Vanessa Weaver. We love the collage so full of colour, it could be in a children’s book too. Congratulation tot this student on passing her course and we wish her the best of luck in her future career.