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Sarah Lister is currently studying with Maggy on the Illustrating Children’s book Diploma course and she has emailed us her entry for the ‘Illustrate it’ competition. The judges are definitely going to have a hard time choosing the winner and we wish everyone the best of luck!
My name is Sarah Lister and I have recently entered a competition called illustrate it 2013. For the competition you had to illustrate a double page spread of a book titled “The Lucky book”, about a boy who receives a book for his birthday which he believes brings him luck all day at school.I loved the story and I thought it would be a great opportunity to get to illustrate my very first book if I won!. It really would be a dream come true for me! So here is my entry. I imagined the boy named Stanley to be a scruffy boy with curly hair and glasses. And my idea was to have a mouse featuring through the book as a pupil at the school, and it being his fault that the fire alarm went off in science class, due to catching his tail on fire on a bunsen burner.! (On the next page he would have a little bandage on his tail) I like the idea of children trying to spot the snail and mouse on each page.

My style is detailed, with lots of things going on for children to look at and I like it to be funny with lots of bright colours. My work is hand painted with pen and ink and watercolour.

I am so passionate about children’s illustrations and would just love to illustrate this fantastic book.The top three are voted for by the public, so if you like my entry please vote for me! I need every vote I can get. It only takes a minute to click on this link and vote. You have to enter your email address, and then you will receive an email which you need to click on to confirm your vote. Voting ends on the 30th July.

Thank you so much!
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