Atsrid’s been busy after completing her sci fi & fantasy course….

One of our students who has recently completed the the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Certificate, has emailed us an update as to how shes getting on now she has completed her course. it sounds as though she is doing very well and we hope you enjoy viewing Astrids websites, blogs and exhibition work below.
Since completing the London Art Colleges Science Fiction and Fantasy course I have been very busy with work. I am writing a new visual art themed blog as part of the blogger team on the recently launched “Amazing Stories” website – based on the cult science fiction magazine Amazing Stories Mag.

I feel it is quite an honour to be asked to participate in this project and my recent qualification certainly helped! I plan to do lots of features of up and coming artists who are not yet well known, and am hoping that I will be able to feature one or other of my fellow Science Fiction and Fantasy Art graduates once in a while! You are more than welcome to visit my author page. My latest blog post is here, look at the discussion, and I thought that was a fairly uncontroversial, even slightly boring topic.

In other news, I currently have an exhibition at the Events Centre in Carterton. The Events Centre has hosted events such as Ian McKellen’s (aka Gandalf’s) solo show he put together and toured in New Zealand, to benefit a theatre in Christchurch damaged by the earthquakes, so I am in pretty good company!  The show is still on until the end of this month, and here is a picture of my painting in the local paper! Visit the website here >>

I also got myself published. Sort of. Here is another of my images, on a  book cover on 


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