Maggy asked Sara, a student currently studying on the Illustrating Children’s Books illustration diploma, if she would email me a copy of one of her wonderful pieces of artwork for the college news blog. Sara has very kindly written about herself and the artwork below.

Sara Wyche – violinist and former veterinarian. Leicester born and bred, but now living in rural Argyll, after a circuitous career route through Germany, South London and Mid-Devon.

I’ve written a few books on horses, for which I had to supply my own black and white line drawings. However, although they expressed movement, none of my drawings needed texture. I now realise I had completely overlooked the huge potential of pen and ink drawing.

So, after years of drawing outlines of muscles and bones, (eighteen pairs of ribs are really not good for the eyesight), doing this exercise in the course book was like being let out of prison, and sent on vacation: a safari even – spiders included!


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