Norma submitted her work to Julie Douglas who tutors the coloured pencil extension course which Norma is currently studying on. I emailed Norma to ask if she would write a little something about her cat portrait for our college news blog. We would like to thank Norma officially for writing this for us. We love your cat portrait here in the office and I’m sure Julie will have the answer about the whiskers! : )
Glad that you liked my cat portrait of Mackintosh, he’s our family cat with attitude who loves to be the centre of attention. I used black card for the first time with Polychromos, Derwent Coloursoft and white drawing pencil. Building up the white was quite a challenge and there were many subtle colours in the fur.
I have not quite finished the cat portrait as Mack has magnificent white whiskers which baffled me. Im waiting for advice from my tutor Julie Douglas. Starting with his eyes I loved seeing my cat come to life in a portrait on the card.
Norma (coloured pencil extension course)

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