Caroline is a new student on the Illustrating Children’s book course and she posted her painting of ‘Row Row Row your boat’ on our student forum. I was so taken with it I asked if Caroline would write a little about it for our blog. I hope you love it as much as I do and enjoy reading Caroline’s thoughts and ideas behind it.


I am glad I took this course. I hadn’t have the chance to study before the things I love the most, that is Children’s book Illustration, to have been choose to post my art in here encourage me and motivate me to keep creating and of course dreaming.

My favourite Mediums are watercolours but I like to try a little bit of everything and being an indecisive person as I am I end loving Mix media, why to use one when you can use all of them in one painting? I enjoy all mediums from oil to wax everything that have colours is so welcome in my art.

The idea behind my art work about the poem ‘Row Row Row your boat’ is based on my pets, my cat Hugo and my little dog called Abbey rowing to a dreaming place.
I have been in UK for few months and I have fallen in love with the amazing country side specially the moors hills, so I tried to recreated them in my painting. The stitching in the hills are because every time I see the fields in different colours remind me of a patch work. It always make me smile, I think the landscape here is
so beautiful and inspiring. And the castle is the dream of every kid, to be a princess or a knight are the best specially is the castle looks like an old friend.

The water was created in little pieces because I love bright colours and sometimes is difficult to choose just one so I gave a try and I am glad with the results of my idea. The transition between day an night was base again in the wonderful sunsets I have seen in this country that always leave me amazed

The beauty of Art is It can be understood for everybody without any word and even so I struggle with English I know that my art will speak out all the things I need to say.

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