Weekend Art Challenge – Hedgehogs

Welcome to the results of our latest weekend art challenge where we set our students the task to create a painting or drawing of a hedgehog. We are absolutely over the moon with the results we have received from our students. Some absolutely superb pieces of artwork. All of our students who took part should be so proud and we hope that you all enjoy viewing the collection below.

We will have a new challenge tomorrow, so stay tuned!!

Nina Kottoor
Kathryn Peters Smith
Meet Spike ! 
Black sketch paper 140GSM and various 0.7mm acrylic pens.
‘I can see a potential problem with this gift, can’t you?’
Julie Smalley
A hedgehogs windy walk. Watercolour,
Dip pen and ink. By Lowri Tolman 
Coloured pencil rolled up hedgehog
I couldn’t resist having a go at this challenge. I found a photo as inspiration and used charcoal and pen to create my own version of it. Fascinating little creatures to draw!
Coloured pencil and water soluble pencil on Bristol board.
It’s felt pen and watercolour and I’ve called it “Mom and her little ones”.
Justin Robinson
Cheryl Day
Nina Phillips
Debbie Davidge
Paula Monaghan
Paula Monaghan

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