Lynne Scoresby

London Art College student Lynne Scoresby is currently working on the Botanical Coloured Pencil Course and we just love Lynn’s pencil drawings and tonal shading. Aren’t they wonderful! The drawings are beautifully shaded and have some superb weight of line within them. Can you spot this?

For our newer students who perhaps haven’t heard of this term, “weight of line” refers to the thickness or heaviness of the lines used to create the artwork. It’s a fundamental aspect of drawing that can influence the overall appearance and impact of the artwork. Important elements may be emphasized with thicker lines, while secondary or background elements may be depicted with lighter lines. Also thicker lines may be used to depict objects or elements that are closer to the viewer, while thinner lines can suggest objects in the background or details on surfaces.

Overall we are thrilled to be able to showcase Lunn’s artwork and are very much looking forward to seeing more work in the coming weeks and months!

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