Afshan Quraishi

Our Life Drawing and Painting course focuses on capturing the human form allowing the student to use a variety of different media to experiment and learn their craft. Among the students who have flourished in this program is Afshan Quraishi. The techniques and insights gained through the Life Drawing and Painting course have enabled Afshan to create captivating, emotive artwork.

The featured image we have chosen , scroll down to see it in full, is a stunning pastel drawing, portraying a woman lying on a bed. What sets this piece apart is the deliberate decision to leave the bed clothing to the viewer’s imagination. This artistic choice directs the focus solely on the subject, allowing a deeper connection between the viewer and the portrayed figure. The realistic rendering of the woman’s form, skilfully capturing her proportions, contours, and flowing plaited hair, really sets this piece apart.

We wish Afshan all the best in their future artistic endeavours. With the solid foundation provided by the Life Drawing and Painting course, Afshan is poised to continue his artistic journey, exploring new themes, mediums, and pushing the boundaries with his creative potential.

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