Weekend Art Challenge – Mythical Creatures

Welcome to our mythical creatures art challenge! We absolutely love this challenge as it allowed our students to let loose on being very creative and building and designing characters from their imagination.

Our featured image this week is by student Catherine Thompson who has envisaged a studio creature who is painting his friend. He is absolutely wonderful and we love the way Catherine has given him a full background and surroundings.

We are also very impressed by Serafine Christine’s dragon burnt on wood and then coloured. It is simply stunning. We love it!

Well done to everyone who took part this week. We are very imprssed and hope that you enjpoy the next challenge coming tomorrow!

Also dont forget to check out the entries to this years art competition on our website! – Competition Entries! Best of luck to all those who entered!

A coloured dragon burned into wood. 
Serafine Christine
I’ve decided to delve back in to my art studies and what better way than to partake in one of my favourite subjects, mythology?? A Phoenix bird in flight. A biro-pen sketch on a background of watercolour splashes. 
Athena Patterson
Enchanting beings and mythical creatures? I imagine it’s a pity for these artists… Their elusive prize is so darn shy. Is it any wonder he’s reluctant to disrobe?
Julie Smalley
Weekend Challenge: Enchanted Beings and Mythic Creatures The mythic beast I’ve painted is a Centicore. A deer like creature who’s antlers are deadly weapons. The antlers can swivel around in any direction. I’ve used gel pens too highlighter parts of the painting.
Nina Phillips
My first attempt at the challenge. I started the drawing and painting diploma recently.
Angela Kinloch 
And, it’s a Kitsune, also known as Kyuubi no Kitsune (literally ‘the nine-tailed fox’), is a powerful yokai commonly seen in Japan, China, and Korea. A normal fox is said to be able to turn into one, by gaining a tail each century of living and spiritual training. Records of the nine-tailed fox can be seen first in China.
Oksana Fedorchuk
After a lot of research I came up with this.I used polychromos on kraftpaper.
Ivana Zeravica
Here is my first effort for the weekend challenge. I was going to paint the green man – hence all the leaves, but then decided to try to paint a unicorn emerging and yet being part of the forest!
Catherine Thompson
Here’s my next piece of work for the weekend challenge – the three little creatures for inspiration reminded me of the three wise monkeys 🙈🙉🙊 – so I thought I would draw them as such!
Catherine Thompson
A stone ornament portrayed in coloured pencil of something mythical!

a clay sculpture I made a few weeks ago ; and it’s a good coincidence, because he’s an elf!
(clay, and of course ….. Gimp)
Vera Jaouadi
Dinah Barker
It’s one of the little inspiration creatures in his art studio – he is in the middle of painting a portrait of his friend! – but decided to pose for the photo!!!!
Catherine THompson

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