Fara Rasoanindrainy

Once in a while, life makes us a lovely present out of the blue and studying Digital Illustration at London Art College with Monique Bailey as tutor was one of those presents. Looking at my current illustrations, I just cannot help being impressed at how striking the before and after is, and how every hour of learning and practice I put in paid off in ways I could never have imagined less than a year ago. Being a bit of a perfectionist, it brings me deep satisfaction to see my output reach a good level of quality and know that I will keep on doing even better in the future. 

I had an awesome time learning with and from my tutor. Thanks to Monique, I always knew where I stood in terms of strengths and areas for improvement, and where I should head next. I was given ample guidance and tips and advice to learn and grow, as well as a very safe space to explore, experiment, make mistakes, and learn from my mistakes. I fell in love all over again with illustration and was able to build strong confidence in myself and my skills. My time with the college was a time of tremendous growth, both as an artist and a person, for which I am deeply grateful.” 

I received my diploma this afternoon and have been smiling broadly since then. I was very happy to see my last name spelled correctly by the way. That is quite a feat


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