Weekend Art Challenge – Dream House

A lovely collection of Dream houses for our most recent weekend art challenge. We love them all and quite agree with Julie Smalley and her wonderful drawing of the house on the hill with staff wanted! Absolute bliss! Vera’s beautifully painted dream house in watercolour is simply stunning!

Our featured image today is by student Isabelle-Louise. Scroll down to read Isobel’s text to accompany her image. We agree an engineers nightmare, but what a fabulous challenge for them!

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

My Ideal Home. Well, quite honestly, it would have to come with staff. Quick scribble of an imaginary dream scene. Fine liner pens, splash of coloured pencil, and common or garden cartridge paper. The usual bliss.
Julie Smalley

It’s watercolour and pen.
Vera Jaouadi 
An engineer’s nightmare i’m sure but a house on a raised section of the coast, not far from some foresty hills to explore. Round windows and a bay window downstairs, french doors and a little balcony upstairs, hand painted florals and beautiful creepers on the exterior walls! A little bit Rapunzely at first glance…(rest assured there is a cute wooden staircase inside and a Very accessible, very Free exit door!) Oh and a reading nook and art studio in the attic!
Julie Martin-Molyneux

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