Weekend Art Challenge – Pens!

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge where we set the students a task of doodling with their pens! What amazing and creative artwork we have received.

Our feature image this week is by Priscilla Hocking, a very clever and well drawn image. We also love the Merekats by Vera Jaouadi, beautifully drawn! The Zebra by Rebekah Bevan is also absolutely superb and well worthy of a mention.

Everyone has done so well this week and we hope that this gives students the courage to pick up a biro and doodle or draw on any scrap piece of paper, at anytime of the day and create a masterpiece!!

Has everyone saved a toilet roll for tomorrows art challenge?

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

I drew a group of meerkats. They are such adorable and brave little animals! These here are on alert, because the desert is a dangerous place to live.
Vera Jaouadi
I used a bule ballpoint pen
{I didn’t title it because I feel it brings  its own feel/vibe and doesn’t need a name to descried it}. Had so much fun doing this challenge.
Rebekah Bevan.
Here’s my effort of biro work. Very much out of my comfort zone with pens, hopefully you’ll be able to recognise it’s meant to be Adele. 
“I have used Black Biro Pen. A Ladybird from my garden”
Liga Kalnina
Quite the Challenge ! New medium for me, surprisingly I enjoyed this one.
I used webfeir Ball point pens extra fine in Brown and Black.
Jane Reid
Rosalind: this is original biro drawing … limited colour palette of blue, green, orange and black … home grown avocado plant.
Below is the same drawing with a filter added for a richer colour.
 have drawn The Scarlet Witch from Marvel Comics. Drawn in black biro pen with a splash of red watercolour paint to show her powers.
Athena Paterson
Last week we had a flying family visit to East Lothian. This is a biro sketch of Bass Rock from the beach at North Berwick.
Norman Tharby
My ballpoint pen-only teapot, with no pencil under drawing It was fun!
Mila Zinzen
Bhawna Sinha
Ball point pen
Very innovative idea
Thanks London arts college for bringing this challenge.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Weekend Challenge: Ballpoint pen.
Pink Biro Babe… who isn’t quite sure what to think. Neither am I.
Julie Smalley
Ballpoint Pen
Eve Warren
A Gnarled old tree in Biro
Jane Hudson
Elizabeth Lyle
Using a lonely and barely operable pen that I purchased from a Bargain Shop, many years ago.
Paper: Canson – Cold press > 140lbs > fine grain.
Justin Robinson
‘Mummy and Us Chilling’
Debbie Davidge
Blue ballpoint pen.
Priscilla Hocking

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