Weekend Art Challenge – Easter Eggs!

Welcome to our latest art challenge – and what an eggcelent challenge it was! We asked our students to paint an actual egg for easter, if they were unable to paint an egg, a painting of an egg would work just as well. The results are simply incredible.

Our feature image is by student Vera Jaouadi, absolutely fantastic and what a wonderful and creative idea, scroll to see her egg artwork in full. We have to mention the eggs below by Liga Kalnina with her dyed easter eggs and a warm welcome to new student Jane Reid who has submitted her first challenge this week. Finally scroll to see Suzanne Prytherch’s eggs and read the story behind them!

Well done to everyone who took part, it wasn’t an easy one thats for sure and we have received some amazing and outstanding eggs.

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

Earth toned Easter eggs dyed with natural ingredients such as red onion leaves, rice, parsley and cherry blossom
Liga Kalnina
Hello From Canada! New Student on the Drawing and Painting Diploma Course here and my first weekend challenge. I’m new to all things Arty so I’m a bit of a “Child in a Candy Store“ excited to sample all mediums and experiment so I loved this opportunity for Easter. I used some boiled Red Cabbage water for the Blue one “ Eyeballs “ and polychromos. Turmeric for the Yellow one which once I’d finished it brought back memories of Laura Ashley wallpaper I had as a young Lassie in the UK. Our unconscious mind never sleeps evidently! I used Faber Castell Pitt Brush pens for this one and the Dotty one. The “ Rose Petals “ was my first try at watercolour and I used Windsor and Newton Cotman floral mini 8 half pan set and a tiny brush. I’m not familiar with brush sizes yet!
Happy Easter wherever you are and so happy to have found you all and LAC.
Jane Reid
Here is my attempt at painting an egg. Daffodils done with pen and watercolor. 
Bought back memories of the last time I  painted eggs, which was at school almost 40 years ago!! My mother-in-law was a teacher at the same school at the time, and I was going out with her son (now my husband) and she wanted to keep my artwork in her display cabinet at home! Amazingly, they’ve survived all these years and I still have them, so I’ve attached a picture of them too. 
Happy Easter!
Suzanne Prytherch
See above! Suzanne Prytherch
Eggy employs the Language of Flowers to plead ‘Forget-me-not’. The modest, sweet Violet understands. Aww.
Fresh garden blooms, a coupla eggs, and a scribble of pencil. Happy Easter, all.
Julie Smalley
Life in the arctic is already hard, but especially when the easter bunny gets involved … 
I’ve used paper and cardboard, a pair of scissors, a felt pen, some  acrylic paint and of course 2 boiled eggs.
Vera Jaouadi 
This is a watercolour that I am calling ‘Eggpressionistic Easter Morning’
Norman Tharby
R. Spilling
Watercolor and black pencil,
Rose-Marie Biehlig
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
For this weekend challenge I did a collage of an Easter egg. Material flowers, recycled green beads from an old t-shirt, a bow. And a gold and silver paper leaf.
Nina Phillips

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