Weekend Art Challenge – Cartoon Yourself!

Welcome to our latest art challenge. This week we would like you to find a photo of yourself, or look in the mirror and turn yourself into a cartoon! To do this you can enhance your features, for instance, if you have long hair, make it fuller and longer, if you have glasses, perhaps make them larger and a brighter colour. Make your personality come through, if you love the era of the 1960’s give it a very 60’s vibe with sixties style and colouring.

We have added an example below as just one idea by an online artist called Luna. Of course digital art is the perfect medium for this kind of challenge, however drawing with a pencil, coloured pencil or paint is equally as perfect!

We are very excited to see what you come up with! Have fun and enjoy yourselves!

For those who are new to our challenges, we post them every Friday, so that students have a chance to pick up their pencils, pens, brushes or tablets to create artwork in their downtime over the weekend.

The results are the posted here on our blog on the following Thursday.

We love it when students add text to go along side the artwork, we will always post it on the blog if included.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Art Challenge – Cartoon Yourself!

  1. I would like to try this week’s art challenge. Can I go ahead since I am not a student .

  2. Hi Deepika,
    You are more than welcome to have a go at any of the challenges we post! We can only show our students work on our blog, however feel free to post and tag us on instagram, we would love to see what you come up with!!
    Melanie xx

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