Weekend Art Challenge – Continuous Line Drawing

Our challenge this week has been chosen by student Rachel Pesterfield. We would like for you to draw a picture using one continuous line.

Its not an easy challenge! A lot of thought needs to go into the subject, what you are going to draw and how you are going to plan it all out. You might want to have a few practices before your final finished piece.

The continuous line drawing below is by professional artist and cartoonist, Bryant Arnold of cartoonaday.com It is of a Spiral Tree and Bryant makes it look so effortless doesn’t he!

We hope that you find it inspirational and that our students give this one a go. Have a few goes and choose your favourite to submit. You can use pencil, pen or coloured pencil if you wish.

Most of all try not to take t too seriously and have a bit of fun with it!

All students can take part and they can post their artwork on our main Facebook Group to share with fellow students.

If you would like your work included in our weekly Thursday blog post Email it to Melanie on

Please only post new artwork that you have created specifically for the challenge.

The idea of these challenges is to help students improve their skills by drawing, painting and creating regularly. Most of all, have fun!!

Bryant Arnold Cartoonaday.com

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