Weekend Art Challenge – Celebration!

Welcome to our latest Weekend Art Challenge on the theme of Celebration! We love the artwork that has been created for this theme, especially our feature image this week by student Katja Felbel. The little characters Katja has bought to life enjoying a happy beverage is absolutely wonderful and made us all smile.

Josiene’s superb sparkly childhood celebration painting is stunning too. Josiene said – My drawing is celebrating the childhood. I think it is a time when happiness and joy are often in our daily routine. I had a great one and nowadays my children bring me a lot of inspiration and smiles from their childhood.

How absolutely fantastic! Congratulations Katja, Josiene and everyone else who draw or painted a piece of this theme. We will be adding some of them to Instagram today. Come and see us over there if you are not following us yet… @londonartcollege

Josiene Saibrosa
The painting is acrylic on a canvas board. Celebration is a shared joyful response to outstanding achievement. Well done! Congratulations!
Norman Tharby
 It’s for the celebration of Diwali and illustrates awareness of the inner light which has the power to outshine darkness and clear all obstacles in life.
Hardika Patel
I attach a sketch of the happiness of passing a driving test and all the opportunities it opens up! A lovely challenge to do! 
Pauline Burke
Audrey Quinton
Everyone a winner! Coloured pencils on Bristol Board.
 Rosalind Spilling:
Kirsty Baker
Julie Smalley
Nina Phillips
Katja Felbel

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