Weekend Art Challenge – Letter i

Welcome to this weekends results for our art challenge all centred around the letter i. We have received some beautiful results this week and our featured image is by student Nina Phillips. Her ice skates are absolutely wonderful, so spangly and bling. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view them in full.

We also want to mention the lovely piece which spans the Iceland challenge from last week along with the letter i this week. Rose-Marie Biehlig created the image below in watercolour and we love it.

Well done to everyone who takes part in these challenges. We have received some amazing feedback recently about our challenges from a number of students, so we will keep the challenges coming!

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

The last weekend-challenge, Iceland was really a challenge for me and none of my watercolors were successful. So I sent nothing! I am persistent and try it again: Letter I like Iceland.
Rose-Marie Biehlig
“Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist … Truth is, this is Iron-Man. I drew Tony Stark in his armor, he is one of the first avengers of the Marvel-Movies from Disney. I used pencils and colored pencils.”
I call this one ‘Internet’. It’s all ink.
Hiya Goyal
I saw a picture of a rusty vintage iron and drew for this week’s challenge, I am so glad  we don’t have to use these now!
These stone cairns, which almost have human form, are found in Canada and specifically in Nunavut, and built by the Inuit people. They serve a purpose in that they may mark the way towards somewhere or mark hunting and fishing areas. This one is painted on a fabric background using acrylic paints.
Rosalind Spilling; coloured pencils.
I for Inyana, Inka/Ikibindi/ Ikivure/ Inkanda/ Isunzu/ Inzu/ Imbuga/ Ibiti/ Ibyatsi/ Imbingo/ Ijuru/ Igishushanyo,….
Translation: #Inyana, Inka means calf, cow in my mother language.
Biseruka Josh
I is for Inquisitive ‘Inky’, for the weekend challenge, acrylic on canvas, he’s my friends lovely horse who loves to get in on the chat.
Lynne Bagnall
Weekend challenge: I is for Ibis (Australian)
Kerrie Muir
I’ve been away from our lovely group for some weeks … but here is my entry for this week’s challenge (letter I), an Impala.
Véra Jaouadi
I for insect. My digital art work. Though nature has made them tiny but didn’t forget to put beauty.
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
I is for intimacy. Acrylic on paper
Jackie Groves
I for “inhale”
Sarah Hogan
I for insect
Coloured pencil
Katalin Zele-Kiss
Weekend challenge: i. I’ve drawn ice skates using pen. They’ve been coloured in with water colour pencils that are wet. And for decoration I’ve used stars and sticker flowers. The laces and blades have clear beads. I had fun with this weekend’s challenge.
Nina Phillips

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