Weekend Art Challenge – Childhood Memories

Welcome to the results of the weekend art challenge all about Childhood Memories. We asked our students to cast their minds back to when they were a child and illustrate a memory or feeling from that time. Not an easy challenge but it has generated some wonderful memories for students along with some very poignant ones too.

Student Nina Phillips has created a beautiful and very fun piece of work from her lovely memory of having a pillow fight with her brother. We love the addition of real feathers and you can see the image in full if you scroll down.

We also love Norman’s doll with its perfect clothes and hair. Such an amazing item for him and his family to treasure.

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

This painting (acrylic on watercolour) is of a doll that has been with me all my life and presumably, its life. I don’t recall a name for it or where it came from – all I remember is that for some reason or other I was not allowed to play with it. It has just been sitting there unobtrusively for the past 70+ years with its stitched-on-face and fading clothes and wooden clogs. It’s still just sitting here……
Norman Tharby
For this week’s challenge I have happy memories of playing with a dolls house my dad made for me when I was 7. I spent many hours playing with it with friends and making curtains from scraps of material and putting small squares of carpet in! Even trying to paper walls inside! At the time I would have like it to have an upstairs!  Collecting toy furniture was fun! 
I still have the dolls house and now it is a storage house, I wouldn’t part with it!! 
Pauline Burke
When I had to move up to senior school I had to travel to and fro on a public transport bus, as I had quite a way to travel, living in the country.  The bus stop was a couple of doors down from where my grandmother lived, in a row of small terraced cottages, just round the corner from where my home was, and during term time, once a week I would get off the bus and go round to visit;  for supper she would cook macaroni cheese with a layer of baked beans on the bottom.  It was always macaroni cheese, always a layer of baked beans!  After supper,  we would have the radio on and she would teach me to crochet.  In the school holidays we would make raspberry jam, but that may be a story for another blog! 
Rosalind Spilling, coloured pencils.   Childhood memories
Childhood memories. As a child my younger brother and I enjoyed pillow fights. I did a collage to give you a visual impression of what it kind of looked like. I’ve used coloured pencils, feathers, goggly eyes, lace trimming and ribbon. It was heaps of fun.
Nina Phillips

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