Weekend Art Challenge – Green!

Welcome to the results of the latest art challenge where we set out students the task of creating a painting or coloured drawing using only greens. We had some amazing feedback about this challenge on our facebook group. Green seems to be the favourite colour of a number of our students so this was the perfect challenge!

We have chosen two piece for our featured image today which we love, the first on the left by student Kerrie Muir who said – It’s my favourite colour so loved this. I have been sewing a bit lately and decided to do a design I’d like to see in fabric.

The second image we absolutely adore and thats by Eve Warren. Eve said …Oh the Holly and the Ivy, for they are all just green…. ok I know it’s only August!

We might just save Eve’s piece to include in our Christmas countdown!

We hope that all of our students have enjoyed this weeks green challenge and we also hope that our readers enjoy viewing the artwork too. Well done to everyone!

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

Acrylic on a canvas board.  The apple ended up being baked and enjoyed with a generous teaspoon of honey and a scoop of ice-cream.
Norman Tharby
I thought for the shades of green challenge of green fruit and vegetables, entitled 
Eat your Greens! 
Pauline Burke
A small collage with hooker’s green and May green and a mixture of both with green earth. And of course, as a small contrast, cadmium orange for the sun. Watercolor and watercolor pencils.
Rose-Marie Biehlig
Green Tomatoes – I grew my own this year! They turned a beautiful red shade, but before they got there they were this lovely green. It’s not a colour I work with a lot so it was a challenge. I haven’t worked with acrylics much lately so it was also a challenge to mix the colours! 3.5×4.5 inches Golden Acrylics.
Cynthia McNair

I’ve got my first exhibition this weekend with the Isle of Man art society, and have my cabbage in for it which qualifies for the #weekendchallenge all greens.
Rosie Ayoub
Rosalind Spilling, coloured pencils: Green
Green colour pencils done with green colour pencils
shades of green. Frog floating on a Lilly pad with a flower. Water colour with dip pen and ink.
Weekend Challenge. The colour green, as an illustration. I’m a word-lover. Contained in this monochrome cast of characters are half a dozen figures of speech. Do you recognise them? Hope so!
Julie Smalley
Trying watercolours again and green ink. Here it is, her greenness, the frog.
Another lovely challenge from London Art College.
Watercolours using Windsor Blue (Green shade)
Serpentine D. Smith
Viridian and Lemon yellow
Jadeite D.Smith.
Jackie Groves
Abstract Cowslips
High Pasture, a green version after Edward Seago a wonderful artist discovered when I joined the college.
Jackie Groves
Had a bit of a disaster with the horizon line, the paper came away with the tape when I removed it 😣 So the line isn’t as straight as it should be 🙈 But I really enjoyed painting it because green is my favourite colour 💚
Green moon – acrylics
LJ Collingbourne
My colour,”weekend challenge “background is pour painting with acrylic colour and bamboo tree, beautiful flower and some stones painted by brushes with acrylic colour .
Bhawna Sinha
Shades of green! Detail from a large mural I painted last week in Santa Fe, NM USA. This is the maiden archetype, symbolizing youth, Spring, new life, fresh possibilities. The mural is acrylic on a large wooden fence.
I’m just getting started with the Botanical Painting course and the Children’s Book Illustration course!
Cibyl Kavan
A practice piece with soft pastels: butterflies on green woodland
Raffaella Somma
Happiness is being surrounded by greens.
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
Maria Ei Zar
As I moved cross country to the 140yr house finally I have found a lil time to create for the art challenges. Here are two watercolours I made in a mad dash often reflecting upon our current era…in all its beauty and confusion..[Where do we go from here]…Same is applicable in the nature-scape, as the main tree is dead, yet all around is really thriving.
Justin Robinson
See text above
Justin Robinson
Sylvia Malins
My first watercolours, “Blue gerbers” I don’t know what i am doing yet.
Katarzyna Adamus
A watercolour that is mainly green . Covering both bases!
Clare Isaac
Oh the holly and the ivy, for they are all just green…. ok I know it’s only August!
Eve Warren
It’s my favourite colour so loved this. I have been sewing a bit lately and decided to do a design I’d like to see in fabric.
Kerrie Muir

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