Cheryl Day

For the animal exercise on the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course I chose a fox as they are one of my favourite animals. First I filled an A4 page of quick sketches of foxes walking, then using those as a guideline I filled another A4 sheet of foxes doing silly walks and dancing. It was fun but challenging to come up with different dance moves etc and still keep it believable. I then whittled my choices down to two foxes and played around with medium; coloured pencils, marker pens, and watercolour. I decided the watercolour gave a freer, more pleasing effect. Choosing one fox was difficult but after much deliberation with my family I decided to go with the proudly marching fox. For him I used Viviva watercolours, pen and pencil, and because I couldn’t make my mind up between the hedgehog and the robin I decided to add them both. Over all I am pleased with the end result.

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