Michelle Emmerson

Michelle Emmerson is working towards completing her diploma in Pet Portraits and has created some absolutely wonderful paintings and pastels which we have showcased below. Her work is stunning, the detail within the horse is superb making it very realistic and photographic. The study of the dog below looks so happy and vibrant. We are sure that Michelle’s work will be admired by all who view it on our blog today. We are also very much looking forward to seeing more work from Michelle soon.

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2 thoughts on “Michelle Emmerson

  1. I am a new student aged. 84. I have always been interested in drawing and painting and acquired ‘O’ level Art in 1953; whilst still at School. I particularly love painting in Watercolours and very much enjoy Pastel drawing, particularly birds and animals which lend themselves to pastels (fur and feathers!). I look forward to the course and particularly seeing work by other students. I am not very skilled at my little iPad, l should have bought one long before now! Michelle Emerson’s work is very inspiring, good luck to her with her work in the future. Shirley Makinson

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