Weekend Art Challenge – Letter G

Welcome to this weekends art challenge results which are inspired by the letter G. We set the task for our students to come up with an object or subject to create a piece of artwork, showing that it is obviously starting with the letter G. You can see some amazing and pretty ingenious results below.

Our feature image this week is by Angela Dawe. On first look you might think that Angela has photographed actual food… or Grub! But on closer inspection you will see that Angela has crafted each item by hand. Angela said…

Grub. These are created/sculpted from toilet paper and water, followed by acrylic paint, and placed on repurposed styrofoam trays. Had so much fun with this.
Angela Dawe

Amazing!! We have also received artwork of lots of grandchildren, a fantastic portrait of a grandfather, some beautiful gardens and an amazing ‘gallery in miniature’ by Julie Smalley with everything beginning with G. It’s even placed on grass – scroll down to see! Everyone has put amazing effort into this weeks challenge and we can quite easily see the enjoyment it has created for our students in the quality of each piece – well done to every one of you!!

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

A ‘Gallery-in-Miniature’ is something I started doing during lockdown, because I couldn’t visit any of the real things. Now added to The Tray since Friday are 10 pieces all on the ‘G’ theme. Garden gates, grapes, gorilla, grey and gold G, gum leaves, globe, stained glass, pot of gold, glyph, and some painted geology. (As it’s a kind of Summer Exhibition there’s a grassy, outdoors feel to this one ) I confess I’ve had a ridiculous amount of fun!
Julie Smalley
G for Grapes
Still life painting of grapes
Shailaja Rathinavel
The Gull was looking hopefully to me for a snack, but, I had read the notice and was in no mood to risk a £1000 fine for feeding it – I’m not sure if ‘sorry’ comes into it.
Norman Tharby
I was inspired by geraniums and thinking Greek holiday scenes!
Pauline Burke
G for goose! And the goose says, keep going!
Here is my weekend challenge for this week in watercolors.
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
Gastropoda – I live in a rural area of Southwestern Ontario and just behind where we live is a gravel pit with an abundance of Gastropoda. I picked these off a pile of gravel. The area is well known for fossils and there is a small local museum which houses many from this area.
Watercolour paints, Translucent Gray, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow
G for grasshopper
Sally Studley
Rosalind Spilling: coloured pencils: Great Green Macaw
Who else to draw for the alphabet challenge G than the coolest gang of outlaws in the history of marvel ? I present the Guardians of the Galaxy – or how Rocket would call them: “Bunch of Jackasses standing in a circle” –  I drew them with fineliner, pencil and colored pencils.
G is for……… Great Squid My 10 year old loves painting and drawing so had a go at this week’s challenge along with me. Mine is above, her one is below. We both used watercolour paints, fine liner pens and had a lot of fun.
LJ Collingbourne
See above!
G for my grandson!
Afshan Quraishi
Green goalie girl
Audrey Quinton
G for Gorilla
Denise Witts
‘G’ is for ‘Geology’, an abstract multimedia media piece on canvas inspired by natural decay. Created over the weekend, but just dried out yesterday.
Chris Rye
G for GIA ,my sweet daughter with her travel buddy Ms:Lumpy the elephant.
Anisha Dilip
For this weekend’s challenge I chose grass. I draw a pot of grass in my garden on the lawn.
For the pot and the grass plant I used dry water coloured pencils, the soil and concrete soft pastels were used.
Nina Phillips
G is for Griffin
Becky Harpur
G is for Grasses. Brush and ink.
Dinah Barker
The Grape and the Grain
Rachel Shelley
G is for goldfish.
Acrylic on canvas
I couldn’t sleep so I did another “G”: Gratitude.
Angela Dawe
G for Gorilla. .. Or in this case baby snuggling and chewing mums fur, mum slightly miffed…
Graphite pencil on A2.
Claire Cross
My weekend challenge’G, for gardan. Used water colour on A3 size water colour paper.
In watercolour
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Grant Arms Hotel (Scotland)
Acrylic on canvas
Katalin Zele-Kiss
G is for Giraffes 🦒 watercolour with dip pen and ink.
Lowri Tolman
G is for giraffe. I painted this card for a friends baby shower.
Clare Isaac
Goldilocks. I was thinking of the block colour picture books that I used to read at my grandparents and the colours chosen remind me of that retro style.
Kerrie Muir
Hello everyone, apologies as I haven’t posted on here for ages but have loved looking at everyone’s else work!
Anyway, I haven’t picked up a colour pencil for ages, therefore I have just completed this A3 size piece of artwork.
‘Water Lily’, Faber Castell Polychronos colour pencils on Daley Rowney hot pressed water colour paper.
Jackie Ford
G is for Gaussian Blur – that’s the blurry bit round the outline!
Audrey Quinton
Weekend challenge: little Gentoo Penguin looking out for his friends.
Véra Jaouadi
a whimsical watercolour of my ‘Granddaughter’ Ellie
Gill Brook
G, for granddaughter
Jan Graham
gate onto a secret garden
Lou Addison-Brown
‘G’ is for ‘Garden’ Watercolour on watercolour paper Size A3
Have been working on this painting recently and finished it today. It’s a view of the local garden where I live and it’s a very beautiful park for walks and runs and also for picnics.
Vruti Mistry
G for ‘Gerberas’
These beautiful flowers can’t help but bring a smile to my face. So simple, and such a statement of a flower.
Debbie Davidge
G is for Glass. It needs a little bit more work done to look realistic, any suggestions welcome
Vita Perry
G is for Grandad
Sarah Hogan
Grub. These are created/sculpted from toilet paper and water, followed by acrylic paint, and placed on repurposed styrofoam trays. Had so much fun with this.
Angela Dawe

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