Weekend Art Challenge – Water Sports

Welcome to our weekend art challenge where we asked our students to create a painting, drawing or collage on the theme of water sports!

We have received some spectacular artwork this week along with such happy and playful pieces too. We love the Jet-skiing guinea pig by Andi and Frogs playing beach ball by Rose-Marie. Our featured image this week is by student Nina Phillips who has create a wonderful collage of a wind surfer with beach life and waves. Absolutely superb!

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

Jezebel the jet ski-ing Guinea Pig
My week-end challenge “water sports”: “playing frogs in the pond”.
Watercolor, watercolor pencils and pencil and collage.
Rose-Marie Biehlig
Materials: acrylic on board using a palette knife (mainly)
Caption: My wife suggests – ‘Norman, in your dreams!’
Acrylics, Tippex, markers
Ilse von Bertrab
Just a little pastel drawing for the weekly challenge of a scuba diver, for the water sporting theme 
Pauline xx
Fozia Kayani
Just dreaming of surfing
Gelise McCullough
I tried abstract for water sports
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Water Sports: here is my painting for this weekend’s challenge (watercolour)
Véra Jaouadi
Water sports, my weekend challenge, with acrylic colour.
Bhawna Sinha
Watersport Synchronized swimming
Katalin Zele-Kiss
A bit of a tenuous link – more water games than water sports.  This was inspired by a very old print I have, which looks to be Victorian.
Rosalind Spilling.
Dock Diving is a canine water sport. Painted in acrylics.
Dylan F Jeskye
water sports. My dad was a keen fisherman, this is based on a photo of one of his last fishing trips. He was never as happy as when he was on the water.
Kerrie Muir
I fun painting for my Aussy God Daughter, ‘the skiing Koala’ in her favourite colours. But could be seen as ‘the swimming Koala’ for the weekend challenge!
Chris Rye
Weekend Challenge – enjoying the water sports?
Audrey Quinton
I’ve tried two different ways for this challenge
Picture one – Wind surfing. For this picture I did a collage using, stickers, bidis, and the waves have been created by using a stencil using a variety of colours. Pencils and felt tips were used for the windsurfer.
Picture two – Water polo.
I’ve used watercolour pencils for this one. With regards to the water I used a white pencil and did some splashes and textured look and coloured over the pattern with various shades of blue watercolour pencils.
Nina Phillips
Canoeing and paddle boarding on the Menai watercolour
Steven Savill Markie
Weekend challenge coaster ring
Steven Savill Markie
Free diving with turtle – flying together
Natalia Kozlovskaya
a topic totally out of my comfort zone.
Lowri Tolman

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