Weekend Art Challenge – Sepia

Welcome to the results of our latest weekend art challenge where we asked our students to create artwork only using sepia colours. This was a pretty challenging, challenge! It’s not easy to create artwork using only brown tones, whilst still creating effective light and shade along with three dimensional form. All of our students have done a marvellous job with the artwork they have produced and we hope you enjoy viewing them all.

Our feature image this week is by Magda Milewska who has painted a brown crab using watercolour. It is the perfect response to our art challenge. We also love the sepia drawing of Ania’s mothers wedding dress which you can see and read the story behind below.

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

Old Vintage dress. My mother’s wedding vintage dress my never ending inspiration. Traveling with me around the word. I travel with it to different parts of world taking photographs of girls and women and the dress. It was on display exhibition in Scotland, then photographed in Crete in Greece and now taking part of theatre performance for children in Germany.
Ania Lebiedzka
A very fast acrylic painting using a palette knife…….a reminder (at least to me) of a few excellent days away celebrating our wedding anniversary……
Norman Tharby
Songbirds graced my garden this year and last week I saw these.  The sepia color challenge was just perfect for it.  4×6 inches on ivory paper with one, rather blunt, dark brown colored pencil.
Dawn Rybchynski 
Cat on bed – her favourite spot ! Painted from observation with gouache.
Like the idea of this challenge and tried to re create a sepia photo tea for two!
Pauline Burke
“Let Sleeping Cats Lie.
This is one of my cats, Thomasina. I took her in last year, and it’s taken her that long to get this comfortable! Inktense pencils, Sepia Ink, Mustard, Brown Madder, Dark Chocolate with a Sepia toned watercolour wash and White gel pen”
Cynthia McNair
Weekend challenge sepia water colour painting 
Fozia Kayani
Coffee and watercolour pencil.
I tried a coffee painting on khadi paper, (the dogs) in all honesty I’m not a fan of sepia! So definitely a challenge for me…
Jackie Groves
Weekend challenge. Sepia is one of the best colours of the autumn! Warm, soft and welcoming. A bit of a green just highlights the depth of sepia shades. Oil on canvas.
Iryna Labunska
Something a bit different. Sepia toned half face abstract/expressionist portrait of my high functioning autistic son for the weekend challenge. This one is called “Through a glass darkly” I am exploring how we don’t know people fully even when we’ve known them all their lives. It is particularly difficult to get close to people on the autistic spectrum and requires effort that unfortunately a lot of the world seems unwilling to make.
Emma Phillips
One another picture, out of sudden in sepia tones.
Natalia Kozlovskaya
Audrey Quinton
“still happy together“ weekend challenge sepia; thought about old photos in sepia and out came this couple.
Barbara Schunk
Natalia Kozlovskaya
This is my “weekend colour challenge sepia ,, with acrylic colour on canvas paper
Bhawna Sinha
Weekend challenge: sepia. I really enjoyed this one. Geese are always lovely to draw.
Kerrie Muir
Funnily enough, this Acrylic Ink Sepia of a Shoe Last was submitted as part of my Assignment Number 4 Exercises for the Drawing and Painting Course I am currently working on. We have an old shoe last in the garden and this was a study from that.
I love Sepia.
Here is my weekend colour challenge Sepia. I’ve called it ‘Sunset’. It’s painted with acrylic ink.
Véra Jaouadi
To get the effect for this weekend’s challenge I used diluted coffee and tea to colour the paper. I drew over the picture with dry watercolour pencils.
Nina Phillips
I have been studying perspective this weekend so I thought I would combine sepia with my study of ‘looking up’…. Maybe needs more light and tone but like the autumnal feel of the piece. pencil and ink.
Linda Craig
Sepia challenge….. Charcoal statue studies…..
Sepia sketch! “When Bo feels grey everything around feels grey too”
Sarah Hogan
Sepia seascape
Lynn Lock
Quick sepia scetch with a compressed sepia ‘charcoal’ stick.
I enjoyed the half an hour of my lunch break today
Lou Addison-Brown
Picturing the past is a favourite pursuit of mine. And sepia smacks of the old and the classic. But for this one did I actually go TOO far back in time? Maybe! Enjoyably completed using a careful mix of F-C Polychromos pencils on Bristol paper.
Julie Smalley
Debbie Davidge
A much admired Artist, whose simplicity of Art makes the Statement. ‘Moonlit Sea’ Acrylic Ink Sepia colour. A4 Frame, Aperture 4 x 6 inches. Inspired and attributed to Koho Shoda, Japanese Artist.
This painting is not made with watercolour, but very similar. It´s made with a block of pressed pigment, made by ArtGraf. It is water-soluble and you can get nice effects. Sepia is one of my favourite colours, so many ideas came up during this challenge.
Isabella Burk
pen and brown ink. Sepia. Cuttlefish.
Lowri Tolman
Coloured pencil
Katalin Zele-Kiss
I assume it’s a brown crab – which I saw in a book and thought that it would fit nicely into the current sepia challenge.
Magda Milewska

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