Weekend Art Challenge – Letter F

Welcome to the results for this weekend art challenge. So many wonderful pieces of artwork and so many variations on the theme. Our featured image this week is by Student Eve Warren – we love the idea of turning Fingerprints into characters. A wonderful and creative way of showing the letter F for our challenge.

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

Flowers from Alice in Wonderland. The Tiger lily and the Dandelion. Paint and pencil on water colour paper. I enjoyed this so much.
Becky Harpur
F for frog. Promarker and ink.
Kerrie Muir
A (more than slightly creepy..) fish eye
Georgia Martin
F is for fish. A fish called Wanda.
Aurélie Jousset
‘Five Fun Funky Fish’
Debbie Davidge
Letter F – Fog
Natalia Kozlovskaya
I’m a big fan of Roald Dahl’s books and the Fantastic Mr. Fox movie, so I thought it just fitting to draw  a “Fantastic Fox Family ” Portrait for the letter ‘F’. The characters from the upper left to the lower right: Mr. Fox, Mrs. Fox, Kristofferson, Ash. I drew it with pencil, fine-liner and colored pencils.  And yes, Ash is probably wondering where his bandit hat is …
Letter F – flame
Natalia Kozlovskaya
F: Flamingo (watercolour)
Véra Jaouadi
F for flamingo 
Fozia Kayani 
Don’t tell my chickens but I’ve drawn a fox for the weekend challenge
Mel Eyeons
F is for Freesias
Lowri Tolman
F. Flower Hat
Sarah Hogan
I painted “Flowers and a Flame at the window” (“Fleurs et Flamme à la Fenêtre”  in my language!), from imagination using aquarelle. 
Coloured pencils: my practice feathers as part of the coursework has come in useful this week!
Rosalind Spilling
This week I have chosen a fox among foxgloves for the letter F! Inspired by a fox caught on camera in my garden last summer, I don’t have any foxgloves though, added for another subject beginning with F! 
Pauline Burke
Here is my weekend challenge for F 🙂 Fearless felines.
Coloured pencils and drawing pen
Katalin Zele-Kiss
Magically fortified.
Flowers. Face. Folklore
Ania Lebiedzka
This is a very quick watercolour sketch illustrating the letter F. It’s about a Folktale that somewhere has got lost. In the Far-off mountains lives the ice giant who shivers in winter and drips in summer, but he doesn’t know. The Foothills are Full of Fluttering breezes, but they can’t Find it either. The Fir trees keep whispering non-stop, but they don’t know. The Fence just stands there. The Fox knows but as you can see, he’s Fled the picture……!
F for figure. Here is my ‘Pink Lady’ neon pink on black Acrylic, on stretched boxed canvas 20 x 16inches
Shellie Sallis
F for “FUN“
It was a gray and rainy weekend, rather dull….I decided to paint three cheerful kids from a photograph. 
They seem so happy and carefree on the photo.  It reminded me of how much fun life can still be, being healthy, being together.
Acrylics, 50 x 70 cm
Ilse von Bertrab
F for Feeding Finches
Clare O’Neill
Khadiga Kadry
F is for footballer. This was part of the final assignment on vector art and I wanted a larger than life figure and my granddaughter made a special request… He could be scaled up almost indefinitely!
Audrey Quinton
Weekend challenge “F, for flowers. My acrylic painting of flowers.
Bhawna Sinha
Letter F : Flamingo and flowers in a fairy forest
Khadiga Kadry
F is for flowers, This time I decided to do something different than usual. Abstract painting of flowers using cardboard cutouts instead of brushes.
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
‘F’ is the fledgling found in June’s nest./But the eggs here seem special…/ Does Fabergé do it best?
6th pastiche in my art history series. (Well, I’m having fun anyway.)
Julie Smalley
Another late entry for the weekend challenge. F is for freaky!
It emerged from a chicken sketch in which the chicken somehow had human features.
Barbara Shunk
F for fossil (and First post!). Pen & ink mandala.
Louise Rogers
My choice is Fear. Covid-19 at intensive care.
Behind this scary mask is a lovely person, who will help you fight fear all through the  night and day.
Gertie Sunnersjoe
F is for Family – ink drawing of my cousin in Iceland
Nina Colva
Being a school teacher during Covid-19 has created fear, frustration, and fatigue.
Angela Dawe
F is for friendship. The silent comforting companionship and friendship of a dog is a truly wonderful thing.
Emma Phillips
F for feathers.
Dinah Barker
F for flowers.just some quick work in ink and wash technique
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Flexible dancer (weekend challenge of word F)
Sally Studley
F for flowers – lovely blossom this year
Ruth Allinson
Fish fingers and chips anyone.
Lou Addison-Brown
F is for Furry friends.
This Jasper the Jack Russell and Sonny Boy my long-legged border collie. Jasper came to stay for a few days and they wore each other out! I decided to sketch them making Jasper large and Sonny smaller. Pencil and watercolour pencils.
Jackie Groves
F for ‘Front-liners’
Acrylic on canvas
Anisha Dilip
F for Falcon. Our new captain America. Acrylic painting of the Falcon character from the Avengers movie.
Shailaja Rathinavel
letter F… this week I have enrolled in Louise fletchers taster course ‘find your joy’ which is about abstract art. I am calling this painting FUN as it was fabulous and freeing to just have fun with paint.
Linda Craig
Flash, my saluki, in ink and gouache.
Dylan F Jeskye
F is for…. a furious penguin!
Eve Warren
F…… Famous faces….. Vermeers
“Girl with pearl earring”
Serena Gausel
F is also for fingerprints.
Eve Warren

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