Judy Craske

As a warm-up challenge for my final Watercolour Course Assignment I decided to re-do the paintings that were, in my view, a milestone/watershed moment in this year’s watercolour journey. These being the Mushrooms from assignment #3 and Braye Bay beach from assignment#4. I started with the Mushrooms; I am pleased with this paintings new vibrancy and confidence…


In assignment #4 I wrestled with the composition of this photograph. In my rendition of it, the sea appeared to go uphill and the houses were out of proportion; it was sort of a half-way house between realism and abstract.

So I had a go at trying to represent the photo more realistically, and produced this……

It was not a rewarding experience…………… so I decided to ‘break a boundary’ again and, inspired by previous attempts at abstract realism, I created the painting below. I used a black to make the foreground marks, this somehow made its composition rather too stark, so I applied a little water and used a sepia wash to reduce the harshness. Et voila!

So, with the warm up complete…… I returned to my abstract trees from Assignment #6. In this painting the trees are more obvious – I’m not comfortable whether this is an improvement or not. I spent more time trying to mix the right colours; I think they could be more dramatic, and the shading more dramatic too, using darker tones.

Even so, I am pleased with this outcome and, reflecting on my course progress, I am satisfied with what I have achieved. Thank you.

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