Weekend Art Challenge – Mermay

Welcome to the Mermay results of this weeks art challenge. WOW! They are all absolutely wonderful and we are so thrilled to see them. So many variations in medium and style!

Our feature image is by student Nina Colva who has drawn a Mermaid as her first weekend challenge. Nina is taking the Drawing and Painting course with tutor Paul Weaver and we hope she she is enjoying it!

#MerMay  #MerMay2021

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

Here is my mermaid for this weekend’s challenge. In ancient tales not all mermaids are kind and peaceful creatures. This mermaid has just discovered the boat of the fisherman, who has caught lots of fish, her playmates under the sea. Of course she is not happy about this, but the fisherman is a young and attractive man. Will she punish him because of her playmates, or is this the beginning of a love story? Up to you to imagine the rest of the story! Recently I’ve bought a pad of beautiful papers and I thought I give it a try (paper, glue and scissors)
Véra Jaouadi
My weekend challenge “mermaids’
Bhawna Sinha
Sally Studley
My mermay is bathing in tulips
Barbara Schunk
Message in a Bottle.
Annette Pfifferling Marti 
collage with tin foil and pen for my mermaid picture, for this week’s challenge. It was a fun one to do. 
Pauline Burke
I think she needs a name, any suggestions?
Tutor Monique Bailey
Hope this amuses some of you.
Rita Frost
This acrylic painting is a imaginary magical world of mermaids.
Referred some digital arts for ideas and this is the end result. Hope everyone like it.
Shailaja Rathinavel
MerMay My first attempt at using salt with watercolour paints. Not sure if the bubble effect really works, but I enjoyed trying!
Jenny Jeffreys
Mermaid- I have gone back to practising my drawing for this weeks mermaid challenge. Loved the beautiful art I’m seeing. Here is my attempt
Claire Cross
I used my new woodless colored pencils from Kooh-i-noor. Love them
Inga Berkensträter
Mermaid Tail for this weekends, MerMay challenge. Mermaids swim so fast you’ ll be lucky to catch a glimpse of one!
Becky Harpur
Rosalind Spilling, coloured pencils
Mer-May – Note 10 and pen up colouring.
Kathleen Miller
Mermay challenge done with water colors.
Khadiga Kadry
First time with Watercolour
Natalia Kozlovskaya
Juliana Watterston
I’ve used a mixture of collage and watercolour pencils.
Tracing paper was used and coloured in on the top of the mermaids fin and the fish.
Nina Phillips
A mermaid watching the sunset. Watercolour and pen with a bit of crayon for texture.
Lowri Tolman
A boat sweeps the seafloor, but why? Under the spotlight is this watery trio, worked in ink and wash with fineliner. The unfortunate fishy friends are… merMAYtes.
Julie Smalley
Mermay Surprisingly enjoyable to do! Watercolour and ballpoint pen
Jackie Groves
Audrey Quinton
A5 coloured pencil
Lou Addison-Brown
 I was rather unsuccessful at creating a fish stamp with a piece of cardboard and, instead, inked around the edges of the fish (the fish stamp can be seen in the mermaid’s hand).Ink and inkwash. Good fun
Pete Woolgar
experimenting with a one-line sketch.
Angela Dawe
Fozia Shazad
MerMay. This was a bit of fun. Promarker and ink.
Kerrie Muir
Happy drawing a mermaid in the month of May
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Debbie Davidge
I was out of my comfort zone with this but had a lot of fun with it Coloured pencil and marker pens
LJ Collingbourne
Colored pencil drawing
Katalin Zele-Kiss
Weekend Challenge Mermaid
Serena Gausel
My piece is an ink and line drawing of a mermaid designed around Leonardo de Vinci piece of Vitruvian man (forgive the artistic licence). The premise was a poem about ‘mermaid tears’ which I inscribed around the image. This poem reflects on a mermaid locked away by Neptune for saving the captain of a ship. What followed was this study of a mermaid in a box. It does seem quite deep and dark but maybe that is the true life of a mermaid??
Linda Craig
My first weekend challenge with LAC. Its just a pencil sketch as my confidence with colours and other mediums is quite low, hence why I’m doing the drawing and painting course.
Nina Colva

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