Weekend Art Challenge – E

Welcome to our weekend art challenge results with things and subjects all beginning with the letter E! We have had some very Elegant Elephants…and some Eggcelent Eggs! So many stunning paintings and drawings this week.

Well done especially to our feature image by student Kerry Muir. Kerry has created a watercolour painting of Australian birds and mammals. We absolutely love it – it is the perfect answer to our art challenge this week.

An Echidna, Emu and Eastern barred bandicoot hanging out in the Australian bush. Not sure they’d be friends in real life, but sure there is a story there somewhere where they are.

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

Attached is a monochrome pen and ink drawing of ‘The Eden Project’ I’ve created for the above challenge. I live in Cornwall so have often had happy family days out here. Having recently enrolled on the Drawing and Painting diploma, I thought I’d use the opportunity to practise some of the pen and ink techniques in between assignments.
Judi Hunter
Can I submit my eagle for this art challenge starting with the letter E. It’s coloured pencil on pastelmat.
Rebecca Blake
Things you keep in the back of your cupboard … !!! 
Rosalind Spilling: coloured pencils.
E for Erythronium Pagoda
Fozia Kayani
The letter E is from the ‘Ever Given’ container ship that recently got stuck in the Suez Canal…I gather it’s still nearby awaiting a significant payment for its release and onward journey.   This is a water mixable oil painting using a limited palette of blue, red, yellow and white.
Norman Tharby
A fried egg for our challenge this week in pastels and pencil!
Pauline Burke
Eyes for letter E- Digital drawing by Sally
Weekend Challenge Alphabet E. I tried an oil painting. I gave it the title:
EVENING GLOW: When the sun says goodbye to the landscape”.
When I was looking for some inspiration on the eve of a sunny day this week, I was struck by the late sun glowing on the trees, remarkable colourful! It is my ongoing struggle to use colours that represent correctly my impression of the moment. It is my second attempt to use oil paint.
Emilia van Egmond
My Eye, Eyebrow, Eyelid, eyeball and eyelashes for letter E!!!
Mila Zinzen
E is for encounter!
Chris Rye
E is for Eglise, which is French for church – this little chapel is in a small village called Samoëns in the French Alps.
Jenny Jeffreys
E is for Elephant
This is my acrylic painting on boxed canvas 30x40cm. Elephants are such graceful, loving, and protective animals.
Shellie Sallis
Weekend challenger. E for Eye……..polychromos cp and a little help from the sunshine through the glass.
Jan Graham
I happened to be in Elie this weekend and the lighthouse is a bit of an Elie icon.
Aileen Muir
Letter E for Enigma. Like stepping into a dream I basically just flowed with my more obscure creative energy. Here you will find many relics of the world, and some bending(s) of reality.
Justin Robinson
E for echinacea, from photo of my garden. I don’t usually paint flowers and not trying for botanical style realism, but variety is good.
Wasn’t sure whether to add a background, but nothing to lose by experimenting.
Rita Frost
Weekend challenge “E” : Here another painting of elephants, as I really love them (acrylic paint applied with a knife)
Véra Jaouadi
Elephant shrew. Know to be native in Africa. It’s a fast mammal reaching a speed of 28.8 km(17.9 mph).
I’ve used watercolour pencils(dry). I enjoyed drawing this mammal. It was fun doing the pattern.
Nina Phillips
Weekend challenge”Letter,E,for eggplant
My first attempt at a water colour painting is E for Eagle x
Claire Cross
E for elephant. This is one I did a while ago but sadly didn’t have time to do anything new this week. Mixed media. It’s a compilation of a few photos from a trip to Zambia.
Dinah Barker
E for Embrace.
Weekend Challenge
E is for egg – a Fabergé one
Kirstie Baker
Weekend challenge elephant. Family where Life Begins and Love Never Ends.
Lavina Gonsalves
‘E’ for Flemish artist van Eyck, whose famous check-me-out double portrait I enjoyed re-imagining. They sure were Power Couple 1434. Today their reality show would no doubt be styled ‘Meet the Arnolfinis: Big in Bruges’.
Julie Smalley
And here’s an elephant from me too. In ink.
Dylan F Jeske
I have an E for elephant too! Elephants are popular this weekend. Elephant in pastel.
Carla Kovach
etter E … is for Elvis
Christine Pearson
Sarah Hogan
E is for earthworm
Eve Warren
E is for Economise.
Audrey Quinton
Eagle in watercolour and pen
Mel Eyeons
Sylvia Malins
E is for Epilepsy! And the consuming feeling of Deja Vu that often comes before a seizure.
Dionne Turnbull
‘E’ is for Ear
Vruti Mistry
I chose Elephant headed God Ganesha in Hindu mythology. He is considered powerful enough to remove obstacles. It is done in watercolour.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
A quick illustration with water soluble colour pencils and pen. Elephant
Lowri Tolman
For the alphabet E – Elephant.
Thakur Balbeer Singh
Elephant, yes, another one!
12 x 16 inches
Debbie Davidge
Acrylic painting of an broken egg
Shailaja Rathinavel
Acrylic painting and pastel
Katalin Zele-Kiss
E …. March of the EMPEROR PENGUINS…. quick 30min doodle with acrylic markers
Linda Craig
E is for Earth’s night sky
LJ Collingbourne
Judy Feilder
Strathmore Bristol Vellum .. Polychromos/Caran d’ache colour pencils
Diane Field
“E” is for Esther, my lovely little grand daughter who lives in France. She is a very expressive girl who enjoys music, dance and most of all painting!  I did this oil sketch portrait of her when we last saw her the summer before lockdown (and when she was age 5). Zoom and Skype are helpful but not the same as breathing the same air as your loved ones! The painting hangs in our hall so, in a sense, we see her every day.  I guess that’s partly what portraiture is all about.
Leonard Muir
Electric blue sky, oil paint on canvas.
Becky Harpur
E is for Entanglement
Ethne Dian
An Echidna, Emu and Eastern barred bandicoot hanging out in the Australian bush. Not sure they’d be friends in real life, but sure there is a story there somewhere where they are.
Kerrie Muir

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