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Welcome to our weekend art challenge results for our Peace and Quiet challenge. We have been very relaxed this week watching all of the lovely peaceful artwork appear on our facebook group and in our inbox. Some very beautiful and creative ideas. We particularly love the feature image this week by student Lynne Bagnal. You can see the full image at the bottom of the page. Lynne said…

My ‘peace and quiet’ for the weekend challenge, started with some mindfulness drawing as that for me is peaceful and quiet. Mindfulness drawing involves closing your eyes, focusing on your breath in and out and letting you pencil hand do it’s thing. I liked the shapes that were created and decided to add a bit of colour to the shapes…
Lynne Bagnall

We hope that everyone enjoyed viewing the artwork below and stay tuned for a very mystical challenge tomorrow!

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

Sunsets and moon gives me feelings of peace and quiet.
Fozia Kayani
Quiet Repose. I keep being drawn back to this particular subject as so far I have done it as a silk painting and a glass mosaic. I am hoping to do it in fabric too. It is from a  photo I took in Akko while visiting the mosque there, and was struck by the mans stillness and calm. The outlines were traced and then transferred to watercolour paper, size is 4 x 6 inch and I used watercolour paint
Cynthia McNair
Every morning, when it is peaceful and quiet, swallows fly over dipping and diving. It is so relaxing watching them whilst having my morning coffee.
Pamela Kennedy
For this week ‘s weekend challenge ” shtt peace & quiet”, I translated the subject  into what came first in my mind and made a watercolour painting: “Grandfather and grandson in peaceful rest”.
Emilia van Egmond
When the entire house and its inhabitants are asleep I stare into the quiet. First all I can see is my own reflection, but then I start discerning myriads of stars and can hear them whisper peace into my heart. @Mila Zinzen, Pastel on coloured paper
My cat sleeping always give a calming peaceful atmosphere so I have tried to capture her in her hammock bed!
Pauline Burke
Rosalind Spilling, coloured pencils.
“Peace and Quiet”
Barbara Schunk
Sviatlana Ut
One of my favourite walks along the river at Le Bout du Monde (The End of the World) near Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval in France – wonderfully peaceful and quiet!
Jenny Jeffreys
A quiet Nubian village in upper Egypt
Khadiga Kadry
Peace and quiet local lake
Kathleen Miller
Peace and quiet…. I would love to be sitting under this tree in silence.
Becky Harpur
Peace and quite place to find solace, holiday and rejuvenate and recover !
Anisha Dilip
Barbados Lily. Watercolour on paper
Shankar N Kashyap
Forest lake – one of my favourite places to calm and relax. Oil on canvas.
Iryna Labunska
Weekend Challenge. Well, I’ve experienced peace while doing this card for my husband for our 45th anniversary! Chinese brush painting ink and gouache.
Dinah Barker
Tranquillity and peace.
Lisa Elms
Peace and quiet and time to read a good book
Clare Isaac
Peace and Quite. To create this picture of a flower leaning against some stones with a reflection, I used soft pastels. I’ve used shades of white, grey and black for the stones and the background colour with reflection shades of blue and white.
Nina Phillips
Peaceful and tranquil in the woods. The quietness occasionally broken by gentle birdsong
Judy Feilder
Beautiful waterfalls in dense forest, so peaceful and quiet… Acrylic painting on canvas board
Shailaja Rathinavel
Peace sign for the weekend challenge
Khadiga Kadry
Ironically I haven’t had any peace and quiet this weekend to focus on this challenge however tonight I joined a watercolour tutorial and as I painted these daisies peace and quiet descended!
Linda Craig
Tranquility, free from disturbance
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
Peace & Quiet. Here is my watercolour painting for this week’s challenge (line and wash). I’ve made a mix of one of the beautiful photos of the blog and another photo of mine.
Véra Jaouadi
Peaceful walking under the rain…
Hala Tariq Nouf
Peace and Quiet „unity of body, mind and soul“ . I drafted this illustration for a lecture about Bach flower remedies.
Inga Berkensträter
peace and quiet.
Lowri Tolman
The path to peace is mental discipline…These were the words of Buddha.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Peace and quiet!! Reading a book under a tree
Sarah Hogan
that wonderful peace and quiet when your little one falls asleep.
Kerrie Muir
An abstract for the weekend challenge, tried silencing the brain from conscious thought!
Chris Rye
Peace ‘n’ quiet for this little fisherman means he’s not paying attention. Does he care? gNOme!
Julie Smalley
Audrey Quinton
When you hear the roar of the sea on the beach. At sea, in the distance, there is peace and quiet.
45x60cm acrylic painting on canvas.
Katalin Zele-Kiss
Don’t know if it still exists but I used several reference photographs online. It’s not exact – i’ve added a footpath on the left and trimmed some trees.
Terry Foster
My ‘peace and quiet’ for the weekend challenge. Started with some mindfulness drawing as that for me is peaceful and quiet, mindfulness drawing involves closing your eyes, focusing on your breath in and out and letting you pencil hand do it’s thing, anyhow, I liked the shapes that were created and decided to add a bit of colour to the shapes, that was about 20 hours ago and I’ve still not finished.
Lynne Bagnall

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