Weekend Challenge – Home Inside & Out!

Welcome to the results of our weekend challenge – your home, inside or out. We feel that this has enabled us to get to know our students a little more. To be able to see views from kitchen windows, back gardens or the artwork on kitchen tables, gives us an insight into where you all work and live and enjoy being on a daily basis.

The collection of artwork below is absolutely wonderful and we are so pleased to continually have new students joining us for the challenges – so welcome one and all!

Our featured image is by Julie Smalley and we loved that fact she added an image of her in each window in the rooms she loves! Scroll down to see the artwork in full!

Well done to everyone who took part this week, we have another challenge coming tomorrow, so stay tuned!!

This is a quick watercolor of our little wooden week-end house. We like to spend there a week-end or our holidays, hiking in the fascinating quite near nature reserve or swimming in the lake 100 meters from our house.
Rose-Marie Biehlig
Weekend challenge Home: with the beautiful spring days coming I love to be in my garden. I am lucky, because I have an assistant who does not take his eyes off me when I garden. So I am sure my job is well done.
Véra Jaouadi
Coloured Pencil
Rosalind Spilling
I have done a coloured sketch of my front door showing my cat waiting for me at the window next to the door, she knows the sound of the car when it comes in the driveway and such a cute welcome home!!
Pauline Burke
Weekend Challenge of this week, house from inside
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
At the end of 2020 I bought an old school 1880’s House. Incidentally nature took over this relic. Here’s knocking on wood that I don’t fall off a later while maintaining the beast.
Justin Robinson
Home… Our friends are moving to a new house, so I thought I’d have a go at drawing their new home and making it into a ‘New Home Card’ or framing it and giving it as a surprise house warming present.
Suzanne Prytherch
Weekend challenge: my little garden oasis. My favourite part of my home on this sunny English weather.
Kerrie Muir
I like to stand near my balcony window often.I like that place of my house because I feel the connectivity between indoors and the outer world.This picture is just a quick sketch as I was in travel this week.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
For the weekend challenge of Home, I’ve chosen my hometown of London.
I’ve used a mixture of watercolour pencils and a fine tip black pen.
Nina Phillips
The entrance to a home, where dreams are made and many come true
Lou Addison-Brown
Home….. to me is sitting at my kitchen table which is my studio. My favorite place, been working on Linos last few days. Kids in and out, it’s the Easter holidays , I create any moment I can when I am not cleaning or getting snacks for them.
Becky Harpur
View from my back bedroom window, for weekend challenge. The long view was one of the reasons I bought this house.
Rita Frost
My back garden. It’s actually a bit messier in real life! Pen and ink on paper.
Ruth Stirton
I did this drawing for one of the assignment. ‘My Kitchen’, important room in a house. I spend most of my time in the kitchen because after painting, cooking is what I love to do.
Vruti Mistry
Weekend challenge!! Loving working digitally but also miss my pencils!!!
Sarah Hogan
Weekend challenge. View from my kitchen. Pen and ink.
Dinah Barker
Not my actual home of course but it’s my happy place home. I have been working on this for the past few days as one of a set for my current assignment on the digital illustration course. Created using GIMP.
Dave Smedley
Weekend Challenge. Outdoor table, garden, plants, art studio… and coffee lounge too. No wonder it’s a favourite corner of my home. Here I am, enjoying every window.
Julie Smalley
Hi, for the weekend challenge. “Your home, inside or outside”. It’s a watercolor painting of a typical rural home with tiles, done in 2019. Thank you
Thakur Balbeer Singh

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