Weekend Art Challenge – Orange & Green

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge which this month was one of our colour theme challenges. This month it was – create a painting using the colours Orange & Green, keeping as close to those two colours as possible.

Our colour challenges always generate some amazing artwork and in particular the colours this month have really inspired our students. The incredibly diverse and creative paintings below all speak for themselves.

Shailaja Rathinavel steals the top spot for featured image this week for her beautiful peach painting. So incredibly lifelike and really, the whole painting looks so three dimensional, scroll to the bottom of the post to see it in full. Superb work Shailaja and thank you for sharing it with us!

We also love the two students who have submitted ‘their first painting’. Both Andrea Williams and Fozia Kayani have never created a painting before and we are so impressed – we are sure you will be too! Well done to you both!

Congratulations to everyone who submitted a painting this week, you have all done so well, including student Clifford Herbert, read his story about his painting below.

My first ever painting happens to be conveniently green and orange!
Andrea Williams
My first painting
Fozia Kayani
The colours orange and green mean much to me. In 1917 the 2nd battalion The Devonshire Regiment (the 11th of Foot) very bravely fought a battle at Bois des Buttes against a much larger attacking enemy force which included artillery. 552 members of the 2nd Battalion, including its commanding officer were killed, or captured and only 40 survived. It was a significant battle of WW1 in which a much larger German force was tied up and delayed. As a result of their bravery, the regiment was awarded the Croix de Guerre with palm by the French government in December 1918, the first British regiment to receive this, France’s highest award for bravery. This regiment was amalgamated with the Dorset regiment to form the Devon & Dorset Regiment in 1958 in which I was proud to serve. In memory of those brave soldiers and in recognition of the Croix de Guerre we wore on the upper arms of our uniforms a small tab about 25 x 6 mm as depicted below; our belts were also green with a horizontal orange band.
Clifford Herbert
 I have never used watercolour brush pens before so I thought I’d try out the oranges and greens for my first attempt at “urban sketching”
Jenny Jeffreys
My contribution to the weekend challenge. Wonderful combination of colors. Watercolor as usual!
Rose-Marie Biehlig
Orange and Green, Acrylic on canvas
Jackie Groves
weekend challenge green and orange! Tittled: “finding desert angels # 3
Lisa Elms
Please find attached my entry for the Weekend Colour Challenge, Orange and Green. This is my very first entry. It was a challenge and a chance to work on  a different subject to illustrate. Alice is sad because Charly, her best friend, has met Clara Carrot! A bit of light hearted fun. 
Pam Kennedy
“Why fit in when you were born to stand out.” My artwork for the Colour Challenge and a quote to motivate you.
Beate Badenhorst
I sat in the conservatory wondering about the challenge – and there it was, staring at me! According to the label, the fruit are not to be eaten. This is a quick watercolour sketch.
Norman Tharby
Coloured pencils
Rosalind Spilling
I attach a drawing which gave me opportunity to use some Aqua spectrum markers and felt pens for a fashion drawing!  Matching accessories green of course. I have called it “Who says orange and green should never be seen, together . . . “
Pauline Burke
“Atlantean bus – British Leyland 1958  Reg. FYS 998” Glasgow Museum
Juliana Watterston
My “weekend challenge ,,’ orange and green ‘acrylic rajesthani painting.
Bhawna Sinha
orange and green
Anisha Dilip
For this weekend’s challenge I’ve cut an orange in half and placed the two halves on some lettuce. The picture has been drawn with coloured pencils.
Nina Phillips
Kiwano/Horned melon, coloured pencils. While searching for orange and green images for inspiration I came across this wonderfully colourful fruit which was perfect for this week’s challenge!
The greens came out a bit more yellow in the scan than they are on the real drawing.
Clare O’Neill
For weekend challenge – orange and green. Well, it’s mostly orange than green, but I love this colours’ combination that autumn brings us! Oil on canvas.
Iryna Labunska
orange and green.Here is my painting for this weekend’s challenge, a chameleon (watercolor and felt tip pens).
Véra Jaouadi
Life starts all over again when it turns orange. My entry for this week’s challenge.
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
As an Aussie, the colours orange and green take my mind to the red centre. The orange stained rocks, the rust sand that seems to get everywhere and the yellowed grasses with hints of green vegetation. Watercolour on paper.
Kerrie Muir
Green and Orange colour challenge.
Justin Robinson
Orange & Green my fantasy jungle.
Lynne Bagnall
Orange and green. Chatsworth Dawn – Pastel
Dave Smedley
My contribution, green and orange in coloured pencil. Flowers, butterflies, grasses and a bird xx
Claire Cross
Arriving out of absolutely nowhere came this comical creation in crayon. Guess he must have spotted the ‘Orange and Green’ theme… and saw his chance. I hope he’s spotted that banana skin.
Julie Smalley
Cheeky little frog – created with gouache and ink
Pete Woolgar
Orange and green – Warm and cool colour combination, a simple flower in watercolour.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Green and orange with acrylics
Gelise McCullough
Katalin Zele-Kiss
Bronze Copper Butterfly. Pastel on green pastel paper.
Dinah Barker
Audrey Quinton
At first, I thought ‘orange and green’?! But, then you think of all the associations with those two colours, and it’s like Ooh, which shall I do? I have always loved the fragility of Chinese Lanterns, so what a subject for me in orange and green. A loose Watercolour with the great blue complementary colour to orange, but with just a hint of it. This is an elongated painting of 4″ x 10″.
Debbie Davidge
Sarah Hogan
These colours have the most positive and energetic vibes! So, because of drawing these orange tangerines I have now an orange mood with sparks of green!
Mila Zinzen
The Colour Challenge ‘green & orange… turtle under the ocean.
Suzanne Prytherch
Lisa Ainslie
For the weekend challenge… painting of peach
Shailaja Rathinavel

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  1. Very nice works all! It’s always fascinating to see what ppl come up with based on these weekly challenges.

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