Julie Hollinshead

My name is Julie. I picked up coloured pencils a few years ago to do pet portraits after purely doing them in acrylics. I am doing this course to go back to scratch, improve my drawing skills and learn how to use coloured pencils properly. I am sure as I’m self taught there are many skills I need to learn. I use prismacolour pencils on Bristol smooth paper. I use either a prisma blending pencil or a Derwent one, when a softer effect is needed. The A3 still life probably took 7 or 8 hours. I felt the Bristol smooth paper probably didn’t allow me to use as many layers in some places as id have liked but I found I loved the details and small things like creating the grapes and bottle. I love drawing animals (detailed fur) and also formula one cars, so I guess I love small picky details!

Julie Hollinshead

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