Weekend Art Challenge – Family

Welcome to this weeks results from the art challenge – Family. It stirred plenty of emotions this week and I think you will see from the images below we have some wonderful family paintings and drawings to view. Also some amazing ideas around the theme of Family too.

Our feature image this week is by Bhawna Sinha who created a beautiful illustration of her family. Bhawna said – “The old are the precious gems in the centre of the household.” which is so true Bhawna. Scroll down to view the full painting.

Trees featured prominently in this weeks challenge as you can see below, some amazing and very creative ideas, as well as families sitting on sofas together. The closeness really shines through in these.

We hope that you all enjoy viewing the paintings and drawings below and reading about them too. There are some heartwarming stories among them.

Stay tuned for the next challenge tomorrow.

I have a family tree drawing for this week’s challenge with words arranged within it.
Pauline Burke
Here is “Off to the Beach” oil on linen canvas 40 x 50 cm. It is based on a number of reference photos and features two strong ladies in my life – my wife and little grand daughter (who lives in France). Very appropriate for International Women’s Day! They have a lovely connection that I tried to capture in the pose.The composition seemed to work better with the view from behind rather than face on – somehow that seemed more purposeful. My intention was to give the viewer the feeling that they wanted to catch up with the two of them and get to the lovely beach. The scene is our local beach at Yellowcraigs near Dirleton in East Lothian (Scotland) and the subject was to remind the family of good times had there in the past while looking forward to such times again after lockdown.
Leonard Muir
Real twigs create the idea of ‘nest’, which in turn represents family – best expressed in haiku.
Build, protect, raise! The/ nest has prime place but still says/ ‘Now fly free from me’.
Julie Smalley
A family of trees for the weekend challenge.
Lisa Ainslie
Digital illustration ‘Spring Picnic’ by Sally.
This is Molly on the left and Sophie, both granddaughters , in reality they are 6 months apart in age, and both now attending University.
Molly is studying art, and we have spent many a happy afternoon doing art together.
Shelia Brown
Family and their challenges… how the third generation deals with different rivalries (e.g. football teams!) – answer: embrace and amalgamate the differences – not quite art but ‘lock-down craft’. Just one of the two memory quilts …
Audrey Quinton
Rosalind Spilling: coloured pencils.
Family – “Missed you so Much” Digital illustration using the oil brushes in Rebelle 4. I’ve been studying oil techniques for another project so this is really just the “Blocking in” stage. I don’t have the skills to go further than this (i’m not good at faces) but I do like the impressionistic feel. Having spent 12 years in military service myself this painting has real meaning for me. I have great sympathy for families kept apart by necessity, not just in the military but in all walks of life where separation is a fact of life.
Dave Smedley
Family Tree
We share one heart, we grow individually and together
Jackie Groves
For the weekend challenge of “family “ I choose the character “Stich”( experiment 626). Just to show that everything can have a family. And with love and patience it can bring out the best in the new addition.
I’ve used watercolour coloured pencils and skin tones.
Nina Phillips
Family weekend challenge. My first one! My two beautiful grandchildren
Helen MacDonald
Weekend challenge:
Family is connectivity.It is a circle where connection never ends.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Family, weekend challenge. This pretty much sums up my family; the large dog has some kind of personality disorder I’m sure, the little one doesn’t care a jot about anything, one cat constantly pushes her head against any part of us she can reach, the other just loves the sofa, my children are constantly climbing on the furniture, my son is cheeky as they come, my daughter is sassy and her tummy is so deliciously squishy that I’m always tickling it! I’m currently doing the children’s illustration course and took up this challenge to help me with character drawing and to practice painting in small detail which is alien to me.
Aimee Del Valle
A drawing of a young woman (my younger daughter) feeding her baby son.
It’s a pencil drawing – a sketch, actually – that I wish I’d used a softer pencil rather than the H that I had to hand. I’d go over it with a softer pencil, but can’t find my original.
Clifford Herbert
Rachel Pesterfield
Storytime is FAMILY time! Here are the Wolf family altogether, listening to Mama Wolf reading their favorite bedtime story.
Weekend Challenge: A family of ducks
Clare O’Neill
I did a drawing of me and my cat. My cat is everything to me, he changed my world. He gives me happiness and he is very playful. When I got diagnosed with Acoustic neuroma (tumor between ear and brain) in 2018 he was there to divert my mind from worries to happiness. Even after the operation he helped me to recover quickly. I know he doesn’t know anything about our world but a pet is so special to human. Pets can change our lives. Lucky to have him in my life. My husband is also very supportive but didn’t include him as I am not so good with portraits currently. I struggled with this drawing and I only got around 40% of likeness. I will definitely get there.
Vruti Mistry
family activities
Biseruka Josh
Cousins – 2 of my Grandsons – wanted to capture their ‘energy’ having fun at a play park. Put a bit of background colour in, from watercolour pencils, to give it some grounding.
Rachel Shelley
This is my family on a boat in Cambridge
Sarah Lister
“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
4-legged family. My goddaughter and her horse.
Dylan F Jeskye
Once I ‘d thought about what family means to me I realised that it would be too much of a challenge to illustrate so I went with this instead.
Lou Addison-Brown
A card I painted for my Mum X Family X
Vic Pyne
Family makes the world go round !! Weekend challenge
Sarah Hogan
This small sketch of my family is my contribution to this week’s weekend art challenge. Drawing people is not my favourite and I am not really happy with the outcome. Family means to me eating socially. This drawing was inspired by a photo of us on a family holiday eating lunch in the Spanish Sun!
Niamh Eldridge Barry
The old are the precious gems in the centre of the household. This is my weekend challenge for family.
Bhawna Sinha

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