Jean Hodgkiss

Art had finished for me when I left school.  Now retired I have been lucky enough to travel and see some wonderful things.  However, our last cruise in March 2019 went disastrously wrong off the coast of Norway.  Having survived the experience of nearly sinking and being airlift off the ship, on returning home I decided to sign up for some Acrylic Art classes at my local adult college.  I consider myself a complete beginner and I had heard that Acrylic’s were the easiest medium to learn and work in. 

When Covid came in April 2020 I came across the LAC courses in a magazine and thought this would be a good way of continuing my painting with some guidance.  This was the best decision I could have made.  The course was well structured and better than I had expected.  My tutor, Paul Weaver, was supportive and encouraging and I always looked forward (with anticipation) to listening to his detailed feedback and his advice on how I could improve.  His feedback was so detailed that even when he explained why something had worked, this was an eye opener, as I hadn’t realised how I had achieved it, (I understand so much more now).  I was sorry when the course came to an end, Paul’s encouragement has given me confidence to continue with my Art and try new things.  A whole new world has opened-up to me and I have a lot to learn.  I shall certainly be signing up for future courses.

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  1. Hi Margo,
    I am unable to answer for Jean, however I am assuming that she did normal art at school as from what she has said she finished any art lessons when she left school. I hope that helps. 🙂
    Melanie x

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