Weekend Challenge – The Alphabet Challenge – B

Welcome to this months Alphabet Challenge for the letter B. You can see how much fun our students have had this weekend and what great challenges these are turning out to B! 🙂

Our feature image is shared by Sarah Hogan with her ‘Its Berry cold out there!’ and Eve Warren who knitted a bee this week. We love them both, so very creative and fun, they certainly make us all smile in this very cold spell of February!

We also have to give a shout out to Pete Woolgar’s very colourful Bee painting and Barbara Schunk’s Bug watercolour. We love it, even the shadow behind the bug is very delicate and beautifully painted, the antenna are stunning!

There are so many amazing paintings below, you just have to scroll through to see how much time and care our students have spent on their artwork this weekend. It is all helping to improve their creativity, observational skills, knowledge about the materials used and also being able to start and finish a piece within a short space of time. Not to mention the courage to post and share work with us. Keep up the amazing work everyone, another challenge to follow!

Here comes my contribution for the weekend challenge. 
“B is for bug“ – I’m not sure what kind of bug it is, but it’s certainly up to something! 
Barbara Schunk
Lou Addison-Brown
B for Ballerina. I’ve used watercolour pencils for the background and used a damp tissue to create a bloted/ smudged effect. The tutu is again watercolour pencils. The top half of the tutu is again smudged and the skirt part was left dry. I found some metallic shapes to decorate the background and every premier ballerina needs a crown.
Nina Phillips

Weekend – challenge. It is  “B“  for “Ben“. I drew this  dog portait in pastel in remembrance of my dog.  
The best way to spend a very snowy Sunday is painting for the week-end
challenge. Watercolor and collage.
Rose-Marie Biehlig
A quick oil painting…. Boat…..beached, broken, barren, barnacled! From Norfolk Coast Path near Blakeney.
Norman Tharby
Here is my piece of the Weekend Challenge – the alphabet challenge for the letter B. I am currently a student for the watercolour diploma course and this piece is called Boats Beneath Bridge. 
Anisha Desai
I attach some Bees for the letter B! ‘Busy Bee’s and Honey’!
Pauline Burke
Blue bicycle with a basket filled with flowers for weekend challenge of Alphabet ‘’B’’ I use water colour.
Bhawna Sinha
For the weekend challenge…. doing big aquarium wall painting in my living room, have so much to finish still, will take some days to finish… this week we have alphabet B challenge, I have painted bat ray too in my beautiful aquarium wall painting, so B for bat ray.
Shailaja Rathinavel
B for Bicycle
Anisha Dilip
Baby Cat – 2021
She recently turned 1.
Justin Robinson
B is for Bear!
Becky Harpur
Audrey Quinton
Just a reference
2B 4B 6B 8B 10B
Totally 30 B
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
B is for Big Brother’s Watching You!
Jenny Jeffreys
B is for BANG! I needed to paint something dramatic, and this was the result. Acrylic on paper.
Ruth Stirton
Blue whale for the weekend challenge.
Elrita Roos
A slightly tongue in cheek B, birthday cards. Just a simple linocut based on passionflower drawings.
Rita Frost
Audrey Quinton
Weekend challenge. B is for Baby Bear.
Dinah Barker
Rachel Fellows
Bald Eagle
Emily Fellows
‘Beach’, for the B weekend challenge.
A little study in oils of my Grandchildren on holiday.
Experimenting with a looser ‘style’
Dorothy Robinson
Alphabet challenge – B
B is for bunny!
Denise Harvey
Watercolour on watercolour paper
Vruti Mistry
Weekend challenge: B for Begonia
Véra Jaouadi
B for Bird in the Bushes. Impressionist style drawing in ink
Judy Feilder
Michelle Mosley
B is for Bear … pastel of my grandson’s favourite teddy bear
Susan Cardozo
A bee for the B challenge
Sian Perry
I went very literal with the letter “B” 
Acrylic, marker and ink on canvas.
Pete Woolgar
Knitted this week
Eve Warren
My B for this weekend’s challenge.
Vicki Watkins
B is for baby. My second ever portrait in colour. Pastel pencils used.
Sam Wright
B is for Barbarian (inks on paper)
Annette Pfifferling Marti
These “Boots” are made for walking. Coloured pencils.
Rosalind Spilling
‘There was a baboon, who one afternoon, said I think I will fly to the sun…’ One of my favourite poems when I was little. So for me, the letter B for this month’s challenge, could only be Baboon – and here is my effort, created over a lovely few hours of tranquility this morning.
Sarah Egerton
Its Berry cold out there !!! Small little fun doodle for the B challenge!!!
Sarah Hogan
B: Bing cherries in oils. Not sure if these meet the brief. Sorry if not, I just wanted to take part as I just started the oil painting course. Not painted stills before but thought I’d have a first attempt….
Lisa’s Kitchen 
Alphabet “B” weekend challenge a bee on blossom in pastel pencils
Gwen Reavley
B is for Blue Moonlit Mountains
Hannah Quantick
B for ballerina. Oil pastel on coloured paper.
Mila Zinzen
B is for Boxer! Watercolour on gessoed paper.
Karan McKelvie
‘B’ my guest! To February’s pastiche I invite!
(Art history fan here, as I’m sure you can see.)
So, romantically giving double delight
a ‘Bellini’ it just has to B.
July Smalley
Blue girl…
Inspiration from “Mucha”…… 1890’s
Serena Gausel
B for Beatles
Dóra Birgis
B for Beatles
Dóra Birgis
B for Beatles
Dóra Birgis
B for Beatles
Dóra Birgis
Beech tree.
Ink on paper. A nice, calming bit of Friday evening sketching after another long week.
Lisa Ainslie

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