Weekend Art Challenge – Macro

Welcome to the results of this weekend’s art challenge – Macro. Some fantastic results from our students this week. We think everyone enjoyed looking at objects up close. We love the Dragonfruit painting by Lisa Emls below, very bold, bright, colourful – and dynamic too!

Our feature images is shared this week by two students. Mila Zinzen created the artwork of the tomato and Lisa Ainslie painted the close up of the shoe. Wonderful artwork and you can see them in full in the mix of artwork below. Also welcome to the challenges Lisa!

We hope that you have all enjoyed this macro challenge and stay tuned for a new challenge coming tomorrow!

Close up of a dragonfruit
Lisa Elms
Weekend challenge…..
 ‘……….and then I ate it.’ (Savoy cabbage)
Norman Tharby
I love macro photography. Yet to try painting, next on my list. Have a great week.
Skipper Marshall
I thought I  would draw a close up of a pencil sharpener for this week’s challenge! 
Pauline Burke
Iryna Labunska
My week-end challenge with a foto of a rose I took in my garden last
summer. I tried to realize a watercolor from it but it was not so easy!
Rose-Marie Biehlig
Macro photography entry, this was fun!
Andrea Williams
I never thought this week’s challenge would have opened a new perspective in my art life.Look at the beautiful colours in a moth’s wing.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
I have recently started the Coloured Pencils Course with Monika.
Rosalind Spilling.
This is a frog my cat caught 18 months ago, photographed on my phone. I did it in pencil, with the slight green colour of its body added in pencil too. Then I drew a close up of its eye.
Lindsey Repton
Weekend Challenge – Abstract zoom in of water
Kirstie Baker
Here is my macro tomato. I macro-love tomatoes! They remind me of sunny summer days. Pastels on coloured paper. It’s been a macro challenge!
Mila Zinzen
Macro challenge.
Dylan F Jeskye
Hazelnut for the weekend challenge. I liked the stripes on the shell of the nut and thought it would be good to try out. Coloured pencils on paper.
Ruth Stirton
Another nut for the weekend macro challenge. This is a walnut. Acrylic on compressed board. 12″ x 12″
Ruth Stirton
For the weekend challenge in watercolour
Jackie Groves
A figurine just four centimetres high which I’ve had for years. Thanks to our ‘macro’ Challenge it has revealed startling detail – who knew? So, true to form, this inch-and-a-half of Laughing Buddha (along with Polychromos colour pencils) DID bring me much joy.
Julie Smalley
Close up of an iris in acrylic.
Rachel Pesterfield
Experimenting with pencils – macro flower. Photo taken some months ago.
Kathleen Miller
Here’s my entry for macro
Marc Davis
I’ve just signed up for the Drawing and Painting course and this is my first weekend challenge. A tough challenge for me as I have no patience when it comes to painting details. A close up of one of my daughter’s first shoes.
Lisa Ainslie
Another hot day here 39°c. So thought a nectarine would be great choice for weekend challenge. Coloursoft pencils on 225gsm
Serena Gausel
Cherries for the weekend’s art challenge: Macro (based on a reference photos of the blog). Acrylics on canvas
Véra Jaouadi
Close up dung beetle studies for the weekend art challenge. Fascinating little creatures.
Emma Phillips
Macro painting of Pansy. Acrylic on paper
Vruti Mistry
Macro challenge
Helen Acosta
Working on light reflection in graphite.
Yhink my understanding may be improving.
Lou Addison-Brown
But this is my photographic submission for this week. Its a candle!
Pete Woolgar
I have taken a photo of a shell and then drawn it. I tried to add in as much fine detail as possible. I used watercolour colour pencils. A mix of wet and dry affect.
Nina Phillips
Ink and coloured pencils
Judy Feilder
Macro – loved trying this with ink and coloured pencils
Judy Feilder
painting of fresh juicy grapes in the grapes field and close up view of it.
Shailaja Rathinavel
Painting: water colour orange and ice cube inside the glass with water spilling effect.
Bhawna Sinha
Macro. I really enjoyed this and learnt so much doing it. 
Tracey Mold
Been working on my Macro photography
Charlotte Draper
My weekend art challenge – TOPIC: Macro. Photography
Shreya Rachapudi
The macro photography part is fun but not so sure I can draw it!
Eve Warren
10.5”-14” Watercolor
Maria Ei Zar
Sian Perry
Pastel pencils on velour.
Dorothy Robinson
Anisha Dilip
Close up cat eyes.
Elizabeth Robinson
Weekend challenge horse eye on pastel mat and pastel pencil
Gwen Reavley
Anisha Dilip
Macro photo challenge.
Anthea Post
I love Macro photography, it is my favourite.
Dóra Birgis

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