Robyn Hopkins

Student Robyn Hopkins has created three incredible illustrations for songs for her first assignment on the Illustration Diploma. Tutor Steven encourages students to start thinking visually, with a gentle introduction to transforming words into pictures.  Robyn has created three remarkable illustrations and you can read about each image below too.

Puscifier – Potions 
To me this focuses on a broken heart and the things we do to forget that heartache. The devil represents a friend or dealer that provides you with the means to cope and forget, allowing you to escape within yourself. I chose to place my female figure in a room, away from the external world with only the devil in a stained glass window to be her only means of comfort. The devils also acts as a guard to the outside world, protecting her from more pain. 

Tomorrow never knows – The Beatles 
This song focuses on the Tibetan book of the dead, the in-between state of life and death, whether you will reach a higher state of being or  made to relive life over again. I chose a nude figure absent of colour to represent her purity in being reborn.  Instead of drawing a literal stream I chose to draw flowing clouds of colour that symbolise a state of nirvana and how she is surrendering to it. 

Watchtower – Jimmy Hendrix 
I chose the verse provided as it has always facilitated me. I chose to illustrate them both resembling each other because to me the joker and the thief are one of the same, they are the archetypes in that reside in us all. 

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